MAY 18, 2005



The meeting was called to order by Board President, Jane Myers.  Members attending were Kandi Caldwell, Sharon Wood, Linda Jones, David Koehler, and Marsha Truitt.  Jon Nixon was unable to attend.  Donna Boone sat in for Kay Martin.  Also attending were Dan Sulkoske of Kramer, Inc., Glenna Lenox, Bookkeeper, and David Truitt, Library Attorney.


Under correspondence, the Library received notes and checks from Majetta Stewart Muhler and Wendell Stewart.


The Secretary’s report was shared and David Koehler made the motion and Linda Jones gave the second to approve the minutes as corrected.


David Koehler and Glenna Lenox told the Board that the Library Capital Projects had been denied by the Center Township Trustee.  David Koehler made the motion and Linda Jones gave the second to adopt the revised proposal for the Library Capital Projects.


Claims were shared.  Marsha Truitt made the motion and Sharon Wood gave the second to pay the claims.


Jane Myers brought information about the Daily Sun, a new county newspaper.  Linda Jones made the motion and Marsha Truitt gave the second that the Library subscribe to the Daily Sun.


Dan Sulkoske gave the building update.  The water main in front of the Reporter Office will be moved to East Street.


Donna Boone talked about the 100 Year Birthday Celebration.  The celebration will be on June 8.  Food will be available all day long.  Some will be provided by the staff and some will be catered by The Flower Barn.  Cookbooks will be given free to the first 100 visitors that day and then will be sold for $5.00.  Pens, water bottles, bookmarks and book bags will be given out.


Donna also explained that there had been problems with the electricity last week, through a lot of the downtown area.


Under Old Business, the E-Mail Policy was tabled indefinitely.


The next Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at 4:30 p.m.


David Koehler made the motion to adjourn and Linda Jones gave the second.






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Marsha Truitt                                                    Jane Myers, President