Minutes Of The Lebanon Public Library Board Of Trustees

August 23, 2006


A Budget Hearing was held at 4:00 p. m. David Truitt was checking about tax abatements.


Board President Jane Myers called the meeting to order. Members in attendance were David Koehler, Sharon Wood, Kandi Caldwell, and Marsha Truitt. Linda Jones and Jon Nixon were unable to attend. David Koehler read the mission statement. Others in attendance were Kay Martin, Director, Glenna Lenox, Office Manager, Dan Sulkoske, Kramer, Inc., and David Truitt, Board Attorney.


The library received another letter of “thank you” from the Biloxi, Mississippi Public Schools for books sent after Hurricane Katrina. Parton Kathleen Stilts sent a second letter questioning The Dead Man’s In Indian Cree by Mary Downing Hahn. This is a Young Hoosier Book Award winner. Sharon Wood and Kandi Caldwell both read the book, and feel that it should stay in the Intermediate Fiction Section of the Children’s Library. David Koehler made a motion and Marsha Truitt gave the second that the book The Indian In Dead Man’s Creek should remain in the Children’s Library in the Intermediate Fiction Section. Kandi will send a letter to Mrs. Stults informing her of the Board’s decision.


 The Secretary’s Report was approved as amended. David Koehler made the motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second.


The Treasurer’s report was shared. Kandi Caldwell made the motion and Sharon Wood gave the second to pay the claims (4520-4754). This was two months of claims since the Board did not meet in July.


Dan Sulkoske gave the building update. We may have to deduct money from Terstep. Glenna Lenox and Dave Truitt will talk with Mr. Turley of U.S. Bank. OMS has to do a final punch list. Terstep is not finished yet, but they are close. They should be finished by mid September. Dan offered a Commissioning Proposal. This would cost $18,000 a year, approximately $1,500 a month. (See Proposal) David Koehler made the motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second that we approve the Commission Proposal.


Under reports from Unserved Boone County Library Areas Committee, Sharon walker from the Friends Of the Library is now helping the committee. She signed up 36 Perry-Worth students for library cards. Many of the families she talked to did not know that they were being served by the library.


The Revised Confidentially Policy was shared. Marsha Truitt made the motion and David Koehler gave the second to approve the revised policy.


A Resolution to be part of the Indiana Public Internet Consortium was shared. David Koehler made the motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second to approve the Resolution.


Jamey Hickson introduced new staff members to the Heritage Center. Paula Dodson and Kevin Pleasant are the new members.


A Resolution to request a 6 month extension for the Technology Plan (January 1, 2008 –June 30, 2009) was shared. David Koehler made the motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second to approve this Resolution.


Kay reported that over 450 people were in before noon on the reopening day. The Staff received a letter from Jane Myers and the Board commending them on the move. Much of the move was done in extreme heat with little or no air conditioning.


Connie Bruder from the AV Department came to share the Lebanon Public Library Audiovisual Borrowing Policy. The reading was read. She also brought the Lebanon Public Library Disc Repair Policy. This has been changed from a donation to a user fee. The first reading was read.


Under Old Business Kay gave members copies of the DVD project that a SLIS class did for the library. It is a Resource Guide. The wireless connection for the Internet is now password protected, since there have been concerns about extra protection.


Jane Myers stated that she has interest in the Daily Sun. As an appointed Board member, she can not vote on anything concerning the Daily Sun.


David Truitt brought up the renewal of the contract with National City for use of their parking lot. The renewal is due soon.


The library was the issue of discussion at a Psi Iota Xi meeting, recently. Some members felt that they were not recognized for their part in the Summer Reading program. Kay shared a stack of information to refute these claims, showing the sorority was listed in all the advertisements.


David Koehler made the motion to adjourn Kandi Caldwell gave the second.


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 13, 2006. A Budget Meeting will be held at 4:00 p. m., followed by a regular Board meeting.




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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                               Jane Myers, President