Minutes of The Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

March 22, 2006


President Jane Myers called the meeting to order.  David Koehler, Kandi Caldwell, and Marsha Truitt were in attendance.  Sharon Wood arrived late.  Linda Jones and Jon Nixon were excused and unable to attend.  Chuck Bowen represented the Lebanon Reporter.  David Truitt attended as the Library Attorney.  Dan Sulkoske represented Kramer, Inc.  Don Hawkins attended for Terstep.  Josh Green represented The Daily Sun.


Kay shared the most recent list of Memorials.  Each board member received an ILTA Trustee Survey to be filled out and sent in ASAP.


The Secretary’s report was shared.  David Koehler made the motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second to approve the minutes as amended.


David Koehler reported that 60% of the Capital Improvement money has been spent on furniture.  Claims 4027-4203 were shared.  Sharon Wood made the motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second to pay the claims.


In Kay’s Director’s Report, she shared that we will receive $4,280 for a LSTA Diversity Grant called TAPP (Turn A Page Program, a literacy book discussion for people placed on court ordered community service). Kay wrote a LSTA Technology Grant for $3,300 for four Personal Tablet Computers. Kay and Jamie also applied for a LSTA Digitalization Grant. To prepare for digitalization Kay, Jamie, and Kristin are taking digitalization distance learning classes every other Wednesday.  We received $9,500 from Universal Service E-Rate for Computer Connectivity.  The Friends gift to the library will be a new Jukebox, a neon AVON sign for the AV Department, and $1,500 to be used toward the grand opening. Kay received a $500 ILF Scholarship. 


Under Old Business, David Koehler made the motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second to pay OMS $35,000 to do the design for the third floor.


Board Members took a tour of the old part of the Library to see some of the original arches and tile floors from the 1905 original Carnegie Building.  After the tour and discussion, David Koehler made the motion and Marsha Truitt gave the second to use up to $14,000 to preserve two archways.  The Keystone in one of the archways will not be repaired.


To preserve and repair the tile uncovered would cost $10,600 for the mosaic and $7,000 for the quarry tile.  David Koehler made and motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second for a concept on the tile and to allow the Building Committee to make the final decision.





The next Board meeting will be Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 4:00 p.m.  David Koehler made the motion and Kandi Caldwell gave the second to adjourn the meeting.




________________________                                    ____________________________

Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                               Jane Myers, President