Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

March 24, 1999


The meeting was called to order at 4:10 p.m. by Vice-President Jane Myers. Attending were board members Sharon Wood, Mike Burns, Marsha Truitt, Ruth Lucas and Director, Larry Hathaway. Tom Whitsitt and Ron Morelock were absent.

The Secretary’s report was approved in a motion by Mrs. Lucas and seconded by Mrs. Truitt. The motion passed unanimously. In the Treasurer’s report, Mrs. Lucas explained an additional disbursement from COIT. Her report was approved in a motion by Mrs. Wood and seconded by Mr. Burns, passing unanimously.

Mr. Hathaway spoke briefly on pending state legislation, especially House Bill 1001, exempting libraries from the 1973 property tax freeze. Department reports were reviewed, and discussion centered on computer training for the staff and public.

In the Director’s report, Mr. Hathaway distributed information from the Friends of the Library, a couple of patron comment sheets, the January Memorials list and brought up the subject of doing something special in memory of the late Rosemary Peterman. The board approved a plaque in her memory which will be placed in the Heritage Room, where she had been greatly involved. Mr. Burns will be in charge of that dedication.

Invitations were noted from several upcoming workshops and a dinner from the Central Indiana Council on Aging, now referred to as CICOA. Mr. Hathaway also presented an update on the Fiction shifting project and some materials weeding. Library world wide web (WWW) statistics were reviewed, noting a 71% increase in usage since October 1998. Bids were reviewed from Ameritech and GTE regarding a new telephone system in relation to the library’s 1999 Universal Service Fund application. A letter from the ILF Awards and Honors Committee was read regarding our nomination. The library has recently undergone a Worker’s Compensation insurance audit by the Westfield Companies. The library is also undergoing an energy audit by the Energy Systems Group of Indianapolis. Detailed results of the energy audit should be available at the next meeting.

A motion to approve advertising for the Capital Projects Fund for the year 2000 was made by Mrs. Lucas, seconded y Mrs. Myers. The motion passed unanimously. Nothing substantial was discussed under new or old business. A motion to approve Claims was made by Mr. Burns, seconded by Mrs. Truitt, and passed unanimously. A motion to adjourn was made by Mrs. Myers and seconded by Mrs. Lucas.

Our next regular meeting will be April 28, 1999 at 4:00 p.m. in the library meeting room.

An Executive Session will follow that meeting.

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Mike Burns, Secretary                                 Tom Whitsitt, President