Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting May 26, 1999


The meeting was called to order at 4:15 p.m. by President Tom Whitsitt. Attending were board members Jane Myers, Sharon Wood, Mike Burns, Marsha Truitt, Ruth Lucas, Ron Morelock and Director, Larry Hathaway.

After a motion by Mrs. Myers and seconded by Mrs. Lucas, the board unanimously approved President Whitsittís statement regarding an April Executive Session, in that the session involved discussions only as advertised per Indiana Code. The Secretaryís report was approved with amendments and the Treasurerís report was approved in a motion by Mr. Burns and seconded by Mrs. Wood. Under Committee reports, Mr. Burns shared letters he received from State Senators Connie Lawson and Joseph W. Harrison concerning legislative issues, particularly public library budgets and tax levies as they relate to current and future funding.

Many favorable comments were made regarding the latest Department reports, especially concerning Kay Martinís proposed "tree house" for the childrenís department. Mrs. Myers urged support for Project Literacy. All commended the support of Little Brown for our programs, especially the summer reading programs. Mr. Hathaway will be contacting Little Brown to investigate further ways for the library to express their appreciation for their generous gifts. A thank-you note from the board will also be delivered.

In the Directorís report, Mr. Hathaway noted that there had been no response from the County Commissioners regarding a letter expressing the boardís interest in learning more about the old County Jail property. He also distributed copies of the building feasibility study (of the jail) by Historic Landmarks Foundation. President Whitsitt authorized Mr. Hathaway to request a copy of another feasibility study when completed. Also reported were collection weeding and shifting projects, tentative 4th of July library float plans, details about the broken boiler and repair options, and color printer and digital camera prices. A motion to purchase both a color printer and a digital camera with the expenditure not to exceed $2,500.00 was made by Mrs. Truitt and seconded by Mrs. Wood, and was approved. Also approved was a motion by Mrs. Lucas and seconded by Mr. Morelock to do complete boiler repairs and replacements as needed.

Mr. Hathaway presented a chart tracking monthly circulation summaries and comparisons for the years 1996 through the present. He noted that April 1999 is up 19% over April 1998, and that so far this year (1999) we are up 13% over the totals for 1998 year to date. Mr. Hathaway also noted the receipt of our 1999 Universal Service Fund grant application acknowledgment. This request includes $6,800.00 for the purchase of a new telephone system and an approximate $6,100.00 discount for basic telephone service. Also noted: the library will waive subscription fees for children and adults residing in Perry and Worth Townships for participation in summer reading programs. New name tags for staff will be ordered. Mr. Hathaway also notified the board of a change in childrenís materials processing he was planning to make soon.

Under New Business, the delivery of board packets will be changed with the addition of a board mailbox in the library. Library Board of Trustees will be able to pick up their materials beginning June 18. The July meeting of the Board will be canceled, resuming on August 25, 1999. Other new business included Mr. Morelockís nomination of Jim McKee to the Boone County Leadership class at the approximate cost of $350. A motion to sponsor Mr. McKee for the BCL course was made by Mr. Burns and seconded by Mrs. Lucas. The motion passed unanimously.

A motion to declare June 1999 an amnesty month from fines and overdue fees was made by Mr. Burns and seconded by Mr. Morelock. In the motion, the Lebanon Caring Center will be the recipient of any non-perishable food items collected and any cash donations would go to the Lebanon Boys and Girls Club. After some hesitation was expressed by Mr. Whitsitt, the motion passed unanimously. A motion to raise Kay Martinís salary by $500.00 a year effective July 1st was approved after a motion by Mr. Burns was seconded by Mr. Morelock. Mrs. Martin recently earned an Associates of Arts degree, and it was noted that precedent had been set in the past for monetary reward to staff members who achieve an educational milestone.

A motion to approve Claims was made by Mrs. Myers, seconded by Mrs. Lucas and passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned to Executive Session.

Our next regular meeting will be June 23, 1999 at 4:00 p.m. in the library meeting room.


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Mike Burns, Secretary                                                   Tom Whitsitt, President