Minutes Of The Lebanon Public Library Board Of Trustees

November 17, 1999


Vice-President Jane Myers called the meeting to order at 4:20 p. m.. Present, along with Interim Director Kay K. Martin, were members Sharon Wood, Ruth Lucas, Mike Burns, Marsha Truitt, and Ron Morelock. President Tom Whitsitt was absent. The Board donated a Civil War book, Henry Halleck’s War, to the Library in honor of Tom’s years of service to the Lebanon Public Library and the community.

The Secretary’s report, with a slight amendment, was approved after Marsha seconded a motion by Ron. Ruth reported that due to her recent illness the Treasurer’s report might not be up to date until the end of this month.

Jane made favorable comments on Jim McKee’s attendance at the recent INCOLSA workshop, The Indiana Library Federation’s Legislative Conference, and his involvement in other local community events. Kay detailed and praised Boone County Deputy Sheriff Joe Robinson for his generous involvement in and contributions to our Children’s Department. Chrissy Johnson, acting Children’s Librarian, was responsible for Joe’s volunteering for storytimes.

Kay announced that the Library would be closed, as previously approved by the Board, on Monday, December 6th, for the new GTE phone system installation and training, combined with the staff annual Christmas party. Kay reported that Marjie Beasley is the newest Library employee; she described the couch/recliner purchased for the staff room; she recounted the warm reception she received as a speaker for the Rotary Club on Friday November 12, and that former Library Director Ann Garoffolo was one of the enthusiastic members in attendance. Rotary donated a beautiful coffee-table book, Portrait of Venice, to our library in honor of their International President, who is from Venice, Italy.

Kay also discussed plans for a newsletter that would benefit patrons, and that would also be mailed to other public libraries. She reported on her progress with JMI and their Y2K inspection. The response to the Classic Books Project has been rewarding and has generated donations of $500 to date.

Claims were approved after a motion by Mike was seconded by Sharon.

Ron made a motion to elevate Kay Martin from Interim Director to Director of the Lebanon Public Library, with appropriate insurance benefits, effective January 1, 2000. Sharon may have seconded this motion, though it should be stated for the record that every other member of the Board spoke up at almost exactly the same time attempting a second. The motion passed unanimously and with great enthusiasm.

After a lively discussion of salary recommendations for staffing 2000, which found Marsha chiding Mike for being too restrained and concealing his true feelings, the salary schedule was approved after a motion from Ruth and second from Ron.

The 2000 salary range is as follows for salaried employees: $36, 500; $21, 974; $26, 868; $21, 765; $27, 846; and $20, 817. For hourly employees it is $19, 110; $16, 380; $3,556; $7,571; $9,555; $12,032; $6,688; $18,746; $9,945; $16,380; $13,852; $8,554; $4,680; $2,008; $5,460; $10, 920; and $10, 920. For contract professional and other services the following schedule was also approved: $3, 150; $550; $1,000; and $5,000; making a grand total of $305,692.

The Vice-President adjourned the November meeting at 6: 20 p. m. There will be no December meeting. Members were reminded that the next regular meeting at 4:00 p. m. on January 19, 2000, would include Board reorganization.

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Mike Burns, Secretary                            Jane Myers, Vice-President