Minutes Of The Lebanon Public Library Board Of Trustees Meeting
October 20, 1999


The Meeting was called to order at 4:12 p.m. by Vice-president Jane Myers, with Interim Director Kay Martin and Board members Ron Morelock, Mike Burns, and Marsh Truitt present. Ruth Lucas, Tom Whitsitt, and Sharon Wood were unable to attend.

The Secretaryís report, with minor corrections, was approved after a motion by Marsha was seconded by Ron. Because of Ruthís absence, due to illness, there was no Treasurerís report submitted.

During Committee reports, Kay announced that she and Jim McKee will be attending legislative meetings in Bloomington on October 26th and 27th, and that she will be meeting soon with Chris Brown of CMB to formulate future computer - related plans for the library.

The Department reports were discussed, and favorable comments were made by Board members about a more positive approach from the staff being evident in those communications.

During the Directorís report, our Board appointed Donna Boone to a three year term on the INCOLSA Board, based on a motion from Ron which was seconded by Marsha. Approval was given for Jane and Ron to schedule a meeting of inquiry about the purchase of the Lawler Building with a motion from Marsha which was seconded by Mike. A motion made by Marsha and seconded by Ron was approved for Kay to pursue the Library Gift Service magazine offer.

Kay advised that she wants to try out a coin-operated printing machine for 6 months to year before making a decision on its permanent installation: that she will make further inquiries into JMIís proposed Y2K inspection; that the Library would be receiving a $500 gift from the IU Herman B. Wells Board to promote Indiana Authors; and that we will be paying a $100 to the Thorntree to create an appropriate donation for the ILF Silent Auction. She also reviewed some ideas she and Jim had generated for use of money from the Friends of the Libraryís "Wish List."

After a lengthy discussion, and a motion from Marsha which was seconded by Jane, the Board amended the holiday schedule thusly: the Library will be open on Presidentís Day, and that Holiday will be permanently observed on Good Friday; Martin Luther King Day ( which had been switched to Good Friday) will now be observed with the Library closing on the actual January 17th King holiday; and we will also close the library to celebrate Veteranís Day.

Kay announced that she is redesigning the proposed new phone system with GTE, and also named Valerie Kay Hargis (for the Childrenís Department) and Peggy Beck (for the upstairs circulation desk) as the most newly hired library employees.

Mike proposed November as an amnesty month for overdue fines and lost materials. This would be a monetary amnesty with patrons donating whatever amount they choose instead of specifically set fines and replacement costs, with all donations going to benefit the second annual "Christmas With A Cop" program. The Fraternal Order of Police sponsor this program providing winter clothing for needy local families. The November amnesty was approved after a motion by Ron was seconded by Marsha.

With a motion from Mike and a second from Marsha, the Board approved closing the library for one day, exact date undetermined, in late November or early December for phone installation and training.

After the claims were approved following a motion from Marsha seconded by Ron, Jane adjourned the meeting. Our next meeting was scheduled for November 17th.

__________________                                    ___________________

Mike Burns, Secretary                                  Tom Whitsitt, President