Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

Preliminary Determination Hearing

April 30, 2003


Jane Myers called the meeting to order.  Ruth Lucas, David Koehler, Sharon Wood, and Marsha Truitt were present.  Linda Jones was out of state.  David Truitt, Library Attorney, Dan Sulkoske of Kramer, Cathy Raver of H.J. Umbaugh and Jane Herndon of Ice Miller, Bond Council were also present.


Audience members that signed in were Jean Acton, Gay Totten, Brian L. Smith, Anne Werry, Bob Crouse, Mary Anne Koehler, Robert Taylor, Tom O’Brien, John Lasley, Ann Garoffolo, and Marylynn Boatright.


Ann Fetters, art teacher for Stokes, Central, and Perry-Worth, and her students made a presentation to the Library Board.  They asked the Board to accept a signed Nancy Noel print.  Marsha made the motion and Sharon gave the second for the Library and Board to gladly and greatly accept the Nancy Noel print.


A statement of purpose of the Preliminary Determination Hearing was presented by David Truitt, Library Attorney.


Kay Martin gave the background on previous meetings, the history of the Library, and the process to date.


Kay also presented the need for the building project.


Matt Mayo, architect, presented an overview of the project to meet the needs of the Library.  Based on current estimates, this is a 20 to 25 year solution to the needs of the Library and the community.


Dan Sulkoske, the Construction Manager, gave the overview of the project costs and timing.


Cathy Raver, financial advisor, shared the financial impact of the project.  The first impact would be June of 2004. 


The Hearing was opened to the public for comments.  Five citizens spoke in favor of the Library and the Building Project.  They were Jean Acton, Brian Smith, Bob Taylor, Rev. Tom O’Brien, and Marylynn Boatright.


The Board considered the Preliminary Determination Hearing.  Sharon made the motion and Ruth gave the second adjournment.


The Preliminary Determination Hearing was adjourned.


A special Board Meeting was convened.  Action was taken to approve the OMS contract, subject to clarification made between OMS and Kramer.  David Koehler made the motion and Ruth gave the second.


OMS was authorized for further design development.  Ruth made the motion and Marsha gave the second.


David Koehler made the motion and Ruth gave the second to allow Jane to be able to sign contracts.


Meeting adjourned.  The next meeting is Wednesday, May 28, 2003.






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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                              Jane Myers, President