Minutes Of The Lebanon Public Library Board Of Trustees

August 28, 2000


                  Jane Myers called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. those present were Linda Jones, Ruth Lucas, Huck Lewis, Marsha Truitt. Sharon Wood arrived late, and Ron Morelock was unable to attend.

                  Anna May Hartsock, a patron, was present as was the Lebanon Reporter.

                  The Secretary’s Report was shared. Huck made the motion to approve the minutes and Linda made the second. The Treasurer’s Report showed the June draw. We will receive another draw in December.

                  The insurance money to cover the cost of the air conditioning repairs came through faster than it took to fix the air conditioning.

                  The Library will advertise its services in the Lebanon High School Pennant. The cost is $270 for 9 monthly issues. Sharon made the motion to approve and Huck gave the second.

                  Kay shared that according to AM CO Elevators, INC. we need to upgrade our monthly service contract to $120 a month. This is due in part to the age of our elevator. The motion to approve was made by Marsha and approved by Ruth.

                  Under new business, the Board had the second reading of the School Reimbursement Policy. Huck made the motion to approve the policy with changes to go into effect August 2000. Marsha made the second. The 2001 Budget had a public hearing today. A meeting will be held September 11, to approve the budget. Yvonne Welty is starting on September 5. She will be in charge of Adult Services replacing Jim McKee.

                  Under old business, the Board learned that the Library has received $500 from the estate of Doris Riddle.

                  A motion to approve claims was made by Marsh and seconded by Sharon.

                  Ms. Hartsock asked questions about filtering pornography on the Internet at the Library. She wondered if we could even filter downstairs.

                  The board recessed to executive session. Only advertised topics were discussed.

                  The Board reconvened. A motion was made by Linda and seconded by Ruth to allow Todd to go to Judge David with our recommendation that the plaintiff, defendant, and the court each pick an appraiser (for the Lawler Building).

                  To help with litigation efficiency a motion was made by Huck and seconded by Linda to give Board President Jane Myers the power to make all decisions regarding the Lawler Building law suit.

         Todd and Huck are continuing to work with Jerry Alexander.

         The next Library Meeting to Adopt the Budget will be held on Monday September 11, at 4:30 p. m.



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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                                    Jane Myers, President