Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

August 27, 2003


The meeting was called to order by Board President Jane Myers.  Members attending were Sharon Wood, David Koehler, Jane Myers, and Marsha Truitt.  Linda Jones was on vacation.  Ruth Lucas was excused due to illness.  Huck Lewis was available by phone.  David Truitt, Board Attorney was present.  Dan Sulkoske from Kramer was present.  The local newspaper was represented.  Two members of OMS were present.


The Secretaryís report was approved as amended.  Marsha made the motion and David K. gave the second.  The Board held an executive session on August 20.  Only topics advertised were discussed.


Due to Ruth Lucasís illness, David Koehler will take on the Treasurerís responsibilities.  Sharon made the motion and Marsha gave the second to appoint David Koehler as Treasurer.  David abstained from voting.  Huck called for his vote. The motion passed.


Marsha made the motion and Sharon gave the second to approve the claims.


Attorney David Truitt explained the purchase and contingencies for parking and expansion.  The properties are located at 305 and 307 E. North Street .  Both properties have been appraised and are offered at the appraised price.  Each property is offering near the price of $83,000.  Marsha made the motion and Jane gave the second for the Library to enter into a purchase offer on the properties of 305 and 307 E. North Street , contingent on the alley vacation and parking facility financing requirements.


Attorney David Truitt also explained the possibility of leasing parking spaces from National City Bank.  The Library would also be asked to make improvements to the parking lot.  David Koehler made the motion and Jane gave the second that we negotiate with National City about leasing and improving their parking lot.


Many meetings will be of importance to the library.

BZA meets on September 25, 2003

TAC meets on September 9, 2003

Plan Commission meets on September 15, 2003

BZA meets on October 6, 2003


Huck Lewis arrived late to the meeting.  Huck and Dan gave information on the building update.  Huck made the motion and David Koehler gave the second that we approve the construction documents, but no bids at this time.


Kay talked about the 100 year Birthday Celebration.  We may have students write letters to authors asking for books and signed bookmarks.  Patrons may also be able to purchase pavers wit their names on them for border sidewalk around the building and new addition.  Mr. R.C. Walters was present.  He had presented Kay and the Library with bookends made with wood from the Ulen Building .  He incorporated the diamond shape with the Ulen U, in brass on the ends.  The United We Read Book this year is The Secret Life of Bees.  Discussions will be held at the Radio Grill at Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart is a corporate sponsor of this program. 


The Selection Policy had its second reading.  The motion was made by Marsha and the second given by Jane to accept the policy as revised.


Under New Business, Kay is writing a grant to the Nina Pulliam charitable trust.  This will help in finishing new areas of the Library expansion.  Marsha made the motion and David K. gave the second on the PERF Resolution.  We decided to hold off on tree trimming at this time.  Fern is resigning to accept a position at the Thorntown Library.  The Board accepted her resignation with regret.


Sharon made the motion and Huck gave the second that we accept the resolution for Employer Participation in the pick-up of additional 60 day period for new hires (Cobra).


The Board entered into a Bond Resolution and Lease between the Board of Trustees and the Building Corporation.


The next scheduled Board meeting is Wednesday, September 24, 2003 , at 4:00 p.m.




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Jane Myers, President                                                               Marsha Truitt, Secretary