Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

January 23, 2002


President Jane Myers called the meeting to order. Members attending were Ruth Lucas, Linda Jones and Marsha Truitt. Todd Meyers, attorney for the Library was present. Huck Lewis arrived at 5:00 p. m. Sharon Wood and Ron Morelock were unable to attend.


Minutes from September 10 and November 26 were corrected and approved. Marsha made the motion to approve the corrected minutes and Linda gave the second.


Ruth reported that we would receive $530,329 additional COIT adjustment money.


Updated technology reports were in our packets. The Long Range Plan has been submitted to the State. We received notice that they were very pleased with the job we had done. Todd will be putting a legal notice in the paper. It is a Request For Proposal for feasibility studies. Marsha, Ruth, and Huck will be on the Building Committee. It will also have three staff members and community advisory members.


The Lawler Building had a water leak that has been capped. Countryside Reality is the only remaining tenant in the building. Locks have been changed. The parking lot is now for Library Staff and patrons.


Plans are underway for Reading Camp this summer. Last summer the Library hosted 30 kids and 15 teens. This year they hope for 120 kids. This year they are hoping to have the program in the Baptist or Presbyterian Church. They are currently looking for ideas for programs.


Kay gave us an update on the 100-Year Celebration for the Library. Jane and Linda will serve on the 100-Year Celebration Committee


Jane and Ruth gave input on what they read for the “United We Read” program that the Library will sponsor.  They both like “Wish You Well.” WalMart has agreed to be our corporate sponsor, and they have a $1000 literacy grant that we have applied for. They will be able to get the books for us at a discount.


Kay commented on the Department Head Meetings. She told how well the meetings run, the great planning they do, and how well they all get along.


The slate of officers was presented for this year. The officers are:


Jane Myers – President

Huck Lewis –Vice President

Ruth Lucas – Treasurer

Marsha Truitt – Secretary


Linda made the motion and Huck gave the second to accept the slate of officers.

Some of the left over books from the Friends Book Sale will go to Correctional Facilities.


Huck made the motion to accept the claims and Linda gave the second.


The next meeting will be Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 4:00 p.m.


_______________________                          ______________________________

Marsha Truitt, Secretary                            Jane Myers, President