Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

January 22, 2003


Jane Myers called the meeting to order. Members attending were Ruth Lucas, Huck Lewis, Linda Jones, Sharon Wood, and Marsha Truitt.  David Koehler has been appointed to replace Ron Morelock.  David Truitt, Board Attorney, Dan Sulkoske from Kramer, and George Piper from the Lebanon Reporter attended. Aaron Smith was in the audience.


Secretary’s reports from September, October, and December were presented.  Linda made the motion and Ruth gave the second to approve the minutes.


Ruth reported that the county has tentatively approved the 2003 budget.  We have been planning for this building project and have cash on hand.  We may possibly not receive tax money until December.


Marsha made the motion and Huck gave the second that claims be approved.


Huck gave a building update.  There will be a public information meeting regarding the building project on Monday, February 3, 7:00 p.m. at the Lebanon Middle School.  The approval form from the school will be given to the Board Attorney.  Dan Sulkoske submitted the Kramer Executive Report.  Survey work will be done by Anderson.  Geotech investigation is awarded to PSI.  Huck wants to know the financial ramifications before the building options are chosen.


Aaron Smith addressed the Library Board with his suggestions.  Mr. Smith sees three options for the Library.  He does not feel that the Library needs to expand.  The proposals are overbuilt and too expensive.  He suggests that the Library move into the Key Bank building and that the Municipal Building move into the Library.  Another option would be for the Library to move into the old Witham Hospital and the Municipal Building to move into the Library.  His third option is to scale back the Library expansion to a

one-story or 13,700 foot addition, then construct a one-story 150 ft. by 110 ft. Municipal Building.


Kay shared that the Library received a Gates Training Grant for $688.  This will go for INCOLSA training.  The Mayor has proclaimed Lebanon Public Library Day for March 1, 2003.  The first reading of the Heritage Room Policy was given.


Marsha and Ruth worked on a slate of officers for the current year.  Jane Myers will remain President, Huck Lewis will be Vice-President, Ruth Lucas will be Treasurer, and Marsha Truitt will be Secretary.  Linda made the motion and Marsha gave the second to accept the slate of officers.


David Koehler was appointed to serve on the Legislative Committee.


Jane has completed the Director’s Evaluation and will meet with Kay to go over it.

Friends of the Library will meet on Monday, January 27. 


The Library has received $188,000 from the Diane Kenworthy estate.


The next meeting will be to discuss building options for the Library on February 19, 2003.





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Marsha  Truitt, Secretary                                  Jane Myers, President