Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

July 23, 2003


“Whatever the cost of libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.” – Walter Cronkite



President Jane Myers called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m.  Those members present were Jane Myers, Huck Lewis, Dave Koehler, Sharon Wood, and Executive Director Kay Martin.


The Secretary’s report was approved as written.


Jane welcomed visitors to the meeting and said questions would be welcome.


Huck Lewis reported on the successful “Support the Troops” program that was coordinated with Wal-Mart.  Thirty boxes have been sent to date.  Responses are coming in with several notes of appreciation read.  This was another successful partnership with the community!


The Treasurer was absent due to illness.  The budget will proceed with caution.  It was stated that it would be 4-6 weeks before the tax bills will be sent out.


Claims were presented and approved.


Committee Reports:


Technology- DOS programs need to be converted to Windows- a request for proposal is being written.


100-year Birthday Celebration will meet on August 4th to brainstorm ideas for celebration.


Building  Committee- The windows, doors, and tile are being removed from the Ulen Building.  August 1st, the Indiana Rescue Task Force will use the building for training.  The robot and dog exercises will be coordinated with the demolition schedule.  On August 2nd, a meal will be served to the participants.  It was reported that the Boone County SWAT Team also used the vacated building for training.


The Boone County Historical Society expressed the desire that the Ulen Building be saved.


The Selection Policy had a second reading.  The Board would like to see the original and updated version for comparison.


Several Board members were volunteers for the upcoming Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser.  They need to make bail!


New Business


            Amnesty for fines- books returned without fines if food item for Caring Center was presented.  This would begin August 1st and last for the month.  It was suggested that Jim Maines (Channel 19) would be contacted for promotion purposes.  This motion was made by Huck and seconded by Sharon.


            The Library staff was thanked for their participation in the Fourth of July Parade and for the “Anything Goes” competition.


Old Business


There were no items for discussion.


There was a motion to approve claims.  It was made by Dave and seconded by Huck.


At this time it was declared that the hearing was open.  There were introductions made of all present.


The taxpayer’s resolution was approved.  A motion to accept was made by Dave and seconded by Sharon.


The appropriation resolution was accepted as read.  The motion was made by Dave and seconded by Sharon.  The motion to accept was unanimous.


The lease hearing and the proposed lease were discussed.  The motion to approve was made by Sharon and seconded by Dave.


Having no further business, the motion to adjourn was made by Dave and seconded by Huck.


The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Lebanon Public Library will be August 27, 2003.


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Jane Myers, President                                                          Marsha Truitt, Secretary