JUNE 23, 2004


President Jane Myers called the meeting to order. Members attending were Jane Myers, Sharon Wood, Linda Jones, David Koehler, Sally Tanselle and Marsha Truitt.  Jon Nixon was unable to attend. Glenna Lenox sat in for Kay Martin. Tony Robbins, accountant, attended as did Dan Sulkoske of Kramer Corp.


The Secretary’s report was approved as amended. David K. made the motion and Linda gave the second.


David K. presented the Treasurer’s report. Our tax rate is  11.99 . We are estimating a 3 ½ cent tax increase for construction. The tax rate will drop next year to 10 cents and then jump to 15 ½ cents. The bonds will be for 8 million, not 12 million as stated in the Lebanon Reporter. The bonds will include 5 ½ million for construction and 2 ½ million for soft costs such as permits, shelving, professional services, printing and fees.


David K. also explained the encumbered monies. The motion was made by Marsha and the second given by Sharon to pay bills with the encumbered monies ($27,000). Sally made the motion and Linda gave the second to pay the current claims.  In case there is no meeting in July, Marsha made the motion and Linda gave the second to pay the July claims when appropriate.


Members discussed mileage reimbursement. Marsha made the motion and Sally gave the second to increase mileage to the current IRS rate as of July1, 2004.


For the Fourth of July, a hospitality tent will be in front of the Library. It will have candy, water and books to give away. $1, 579 was spent at the Timer Warner sale. The Kenworthy Camp attendance increased 9% over last year. There will be another book give away at Symphony at Sunset.


Kay and Glenna will attend Indiana Department of Local  Government Finance meeting on July 8.they may have the budget done early for approval in August.


The next scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, August 25, 2004 unless a July meeting is called.



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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                     Jane Myers, President