Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

March 27, 2000


Board President, Jane Myers, called the meeting to order at 4:30. All members were present except Mike Burns. Mike arrived at 4:45 p.m. He was honored for the time he has served on the Library Board. He received flowers, an autographed copy of The American Century, and an "I Make a Difference" pin. Cake was served in his honor, and the book War and Peace was added in his name to the "Classic Collection."

Todd Meyer was present, as the newly appointed legal counsel for the Library Board of Trustees. Jane read Todd’s letter of acceptance to the Board. A reporter from the "Lebanon Reporter" was also present.

The Secretary’s report was approved as corrected. Huck made the motion and Ron gave the second.

There was no Treasurer’s report at this time.

Ron Morelock gave an update from the Indiana Library Federation Legislative Report. HEA1241 was passed. This bill specifies that a public library may provide group insurance for its employees; changes the time within which a public library must file its financial report with the state examiner of the state Board of Accounts; and changes the date of county board of tax adjustment’s first annual meeting from September 18 to September 22. ALL of these changes are considered clarifications.

Huck Lewis reported on the Building Committee. He had talked with Jerry Alexander

about the Lawler Building Huck also talked with Chris Strawmeyer about utilities that may run through the alley. Huck was told that there are no gas lines in the alley. They are checking on phone lines. As previously discussed, Jerry Alexander is to go ahead with the three appraisals, and if the need arises, Huck may call Jane to arrange for a special meeting.

Kay Martin reported that the library is getting good results from the survey that the Library has been passing out.

Ron Morelock commented on the Department Reports saying they were all excellent as usual. He enjoyed the update on the ILF Conference. Jane commented that our Library was noted throughout the Conference. We are one of two libraries in the state that allow children who live in non-taxed townships, but attend school in our taxing district, to obtain library cards for the school year.

April 15-19 is National Library Week. The Library has many activities planned including a breakfast to honor the Library volunteers.

Under New Business, Todd Meyer gave an update on the Ed Peterson estate (Trotter Farm in Decatur Township). Mike made the motion and Ron gave the second to allow Jane to enter into an option to purchase agreement with Camby Crossing II. The motion was passed unanimously. Ruth asked the Board to advertise for the Capital Projects Fund for the year 2001. Mike made the motion and Huck gave the second. Jane also recommended that we as appointed members to the Library Board make annual reports to our appointing organizations.

Under Old Business, Kay asked for more time before we vote about chat rooms. It was tabled until the April meeting. The Library has received one bid from Sloan Painting Co., about the interior painting. Five other contractors have been contacted and expressed an interest in bidding on the project. The Library may need to close (possibly the first week of August) to accomplish the painting project. The Library may also be closed one day for personal training. A book will be given in honor of Larry Giddings for his years of service as the Library’s attorney.

Huck made the motion to pay the monthly claims and Jane gave the second.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday April 24, 2000.



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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                  Jane Myers, President