Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

May 28, 2003


Jane Myers called the meeting to order.  Ruth Lucas, Linda Jones, David Koehler, and Marsha Truitt were in attendance.  Sharon Wood was excused and Huck Lewis arrived late.  Kay Martin, Library Director, Emily Baldoff from the Lebanon Reporter, Sonia Bittle from Kramer, Matt Mayo, Cliff Huggins, and Michelle McKinney (interior design) from OMS, and David Truitt, Library Attorney, all attended.


Secretary’s reports from March 26, April 23, and April 30 were presented.  Corrections were made to the April 30 minutes.  David Koehler made the motion and Ruth gave the second to approve the minutes with corrections.


The Library and Board received a note of thanks from Mike Burris.


Ruth gave the Treasurer’s Report.  We have spent about ¼ ($250,000) of our appropriation as of March.  We will start 2004 with the last approved budget and add 40%. 


Claims were presented.  The bill for Kramer is to be added to the claims.  Marsha made the motion and Huck gave the second to approve the claims.


Under Building Update, Huck said that Ralph Walker donated his services as an appraiser and auctioneer.  The Library made $1,660 on the auction.  Groups that have been using or plan to use the building for training include: FEMA, the Sheriff’s Department, and local Fire and Police.  Demolition is scheduled for July.


Linda Jones shared about all the unhappy people who approach her at church, the nursing home, and the Elks about the Library Building Project.  No other Board members are receiving negative comments.


Kay Martin gave the Director’s Report.  The Library and Wal-Mart have been working together to collect things for local servicemen.  From donations received from patrons, the Library has the money to ship 36 packages to local servicemen.  Wal-Mart will again help with United We Read.  At this time, the books being considered are The Secret Life of Bees and Peace Like A River.  Wal-Mart is also helping with snacks for the Summer Reading Program.  Kay also talked about the State Work Study program that Carolyn and Aisha have been a part of.


Under New Business, June 5 is the Friends book giveaway at Wal-Mart.  June 28 is the Time Warner book sale.


Under Old Business, an update on the Internet Policy Recommendation was presented.  Huck made the motion and Linda gave the second to approve as presented.


A second reading of the Material Pricing Policy was given.  Marsha made the motion and Ruth gave the second to approve the policy.


The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 25, 2003 at 4:00 p.m.


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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                              Jane Myers, President