Minutes From The Lebanon Public Library Board

November 27, 2000


Huck Lewis, Sharon Wood, Ruth Lucas, Linda Jones, Jane Myers, and Marsha Truitt present. Ron Morelock arrived 4:45 p.m. Todd Meyers in attendance.

Anna Mae Harstock in audience.

Jane called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. The Secretary’s report was approved as corrected. Huck made the motion to approve, and Ruth gave the second.

For the Long Range Planning committee, Jane and Marsha reported that the goals and objectives are in place. The mission statement will be next.

Huck reported on the building committee. Todd shared that the new appraisal will be looked at from an income approach. It came back as $190,000. Frank Starkey is objecting to the "taking" of the property. Larry Giddings is his attorney. December 13th is the date set for the hearing for objections. Jane has been empowered to make decisions, to offer "overage."

We will hold an executive session at 4:30 p.m. on December 4.

The Library is currently without internet service because of the new internet connection to T1. Our equipment won’t read it. We are hooking up with Ameritech during the interim until the new equipment can be ordered.

The Library Board wished Dian the best in her new position at Crawfordsville.

Under New Business, the salary schedule was approved. Ron made the motion, and Sharon seconded. The salary schedule for 2001 is as follows for salaried employees $40,000; $27,770; $23,700; $22,700; $21,900; $25,500; and $21,000. For hourly employees, it is $21,112; $12,675; $3,702.40; $17, 316; $14,586; $17,082; $4,773.60, $10,400; $11,211.20; $2,008.50; $4,680; $5,694; $9,490; $5,694; and $10,920. For contract professional and other services, the following schedule was approved $3,300; $567.36; $7,000, and $5,000. Making the grand total to be $315, 576.06. Kay would like to send Chrissy to the Boone County Leadership training. Ron made the motion, and Linda seconded. The Internet Policy had its second reading. Linda moved, and Sharon gave the second to approve the policy.


Ron gave an update of the Internet Committee Meeting. Position paper will explain filtering for the Children’s Department. Kay will recommend after results of the Gates Grant. We will review the policy every three months.

Ruth moved to pay the claims, and Linda gave the second.



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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                         Jane Myers, President