Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

October 31, 2000


President Jane Myers called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. Ruth Lucas was not present. The Secretary’s report was approved as amended. Huck made the motion, and Linda gave the second.

Kay has received notice that she is to attend the Gates Grant meetings. She is hopeful that this will mean the library is eligible for four free computers. She will meet with Sharon, as part of the Technology Committee after the Gates Grant meeting.

The Long Range Plan Committee has met for the first time. Members are Jane Myers, Marsha Truitt, Kay Martin, Yvonne Welty, Pam Dies, Charlotte Fransden, and Ann Garoffolo. The Time Line of the Library and Committee is on display on the wall. The next step is to work on the Mission Statement. Huck reported for the Building Committee. He is doing research for grants, like "Build Indiana." Randy Ellis has contacted Jane about concerns with the Lawler property and kids.

In her Director’s Report, Kay talked more about the Gates Grant. She is hoping we will be eligible for four public access computers. This is based on the poverty level of the community through free lunches. She is checking to see if the check-out system can be installed on one of the computers. The meeting will be November 29. She is also applying for a state LSTA grant for $5,000 to put the catalog online. She is hoping that this will lead to a next grant in conjunction with the schools to have a shared catalog, shared cataloging and cooperative buying.

Chrissy’s crafts are now on display.

Under new business, the Library will be closed Wednesday, November 22 at 2:00 p.m. for Thanksgiving. For Christmas, the Library will close Saturday, December 23 and will open at noon on December 26th. For New Year’s Eve, the Library will open at noon on January 2nd. The motion for the changes was made by Ron and seconded by Huck.

Under Old Business, the Internet Policy was discussed again. Huck made the motion, and Ron gave the second for Kay to form a Filtering Committee. The current Internet policy was amended to include "In cases of internet policy abuse, patrons will receive only one (1) warning; the second incident will result in the loss of Internet privileges permanently. Any person who refuses to comply with these guidelines will be asked to leave the library premises." The motion for the amendment was made by Marsha and seconded by Sharon.

Claims were approved to be paid. Sharon made the motion, and Linda gave the second.

Anna Mae Harstock was in the audience. The Lebanon Reporter sent a reporter to cover the meeting.

The next meeting will be Monday, November 27, 2000, at 4:30 p.m.



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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                             Jane Myers, President