Minutes Of The Lebanon Public Library Board Of Trustees
October 20, 2004

President Jane Myers called the meeting to order. Board members attending were Linda Jones, David Koehler, Jane Myers, and Marsha Truitt. Jon Nixon and Sharon Wood were unable to attend. It was announced in the meeting that Sally Tanselle has resigned from the Board. Others attending the meeting were David Truitt, Library Attorney, Kevin Thompkins, Lebanon Reporter, Donna Boone, staff member, and Kay Martin, Director.

The Secretaryís reports from September 22 and September 29 were shared. David Koehler made the motion and Linda Jones gave the second to approve the minutes as amended.

David Koehler shared the Treasurerís report. Final sale on the Mainesí Building was Friday, October 15, 2004. The deed was recorded October 19, 2004. Terstep will use the building for office storage instead of bringing in trailers. Claims were shared and discussed. Marsha Truitt made the motion and Linda Jones gave the second to approve the claims.

David Truitt gave a building update. We are adding the appropriation of $7,625,000 from the bonds. David Koehler made the motion and Marsha Truitt gave the second for the Resolution for the Bond Proceeds. Marsha Truitt made the motion and Linda Jones gave the second to appoint Kay Martin as the Lessorís Representative.

The Friends of the Library will hold its annual meeting on November 10, 2004. The Library staff is catering the meeting and arranging for the speaker as a 100-year birthday gift to the Friends for all of their help and support. The Library board donated money for a gift for the speaker.

The parking lot at National City Banks has been taken care of. We have 10 parking spaces available, 24 hours a day, at the cost of $3, 600 per year beginning in November. Linda Jones made the motion and David Koehler gave the second for the approval of payment for the agreement.

The Unserved Boone County Area Committee is continuing to meet. One meeting was held today and they will meet again next week.

Kay martin spoke about her excellent staff performance. We have been asked by the Shop With a Cop program if the Library would be like to participate this year. The Library cannot donate money but it can give a donation of books from the Friends of the Library, the staff, and the Library Board of Trustees.

Eric Williams works with the Bridges to Success program for United Way. He is doing a study of Boone County in childrenís literacy from Pre-school to High School with thoughts of a community partnership grant.

Kay and Chrissy have received a Community Foundation Arts Grant for a stand-alone P. A. system.

Kay and Donna participated in Tablescapes and received a lovely plaque with a picture of their Table setting.

The Board received the Technology Plan to read before the next Board meeting.

The Board has received notice that Sally Tanselle has resigned effective immediately.

The Library received a call from a home schooling family in Whitestown. They have paid for a family membership, which is usually two cards. They would like two more cards, to be able to check our more items from the Library. At the Boards request Kay will contact them to offer two more cards.

The next Board meeting will be Wednesday, November 17, 2004.

_________________________                                  _________________________

Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                              Jane Myers, President