Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

September 24, 2001



Jane Myers called the meeting to order at 4:45 p. m. Those members present were Linda Jones and Marsha Truitt, who arrived late. Todd Meyer, the attorney for the Library came to give us an update on the building next door.  Business was discussed, but since there was not a quorum present nothing was voted on.


Kay reported that the Friendís Book Sale brought in $2035.95. Since staff members indicated that they would like a water purifier in the staff room, it was purchased from some of the book sale proceeds. The Board members, who were present at the meeting got to see the purifier and taste the water, they were impressed with the new system. These members also got to see the new bookshelves and book drop in the Audio-visual Room. The Friends have offered to purchase a sign for the front of the building. This sign will advertise upcoming library programs. Yvonne is looking into the purchase of this sign. Stan Meese has given approval for the sign to be located in the grassy area in the front near the alley. Another idea for some of the proceeds is to do an Annual Report to be sent to the community leaders.


Copies of the Long Range Plan were handed out to the Board Members for a first reading. The Long Range Plan needs to be turned into the State Library by the end of December. At the next meeting, the Board will make comments or suggestions on the Long Range Plan.


The Emergency Manual needs to be updated and Mike Martin will be asked to look over our present manual and give suggestions for improving it. Some suggestions from the staff included putting flashlights in each department and numbering the doors and windows. The Emergency Committee consists of Chrissy, Jamey, and Vivian. Kay also suggested we need to write a harassment policy. Todd will look over policies from other libraries and give us input on what we should include in ours. Kay said maybe some of the issues could be addressed in a Library Behavior Policy. Kay will contact other libraries and get their policies.


Senator Steve Buyer will be here Friday September 28 to present us with a flag that has flown over the Capitol. It was stated that after the recent tragedy on September 11, that this flag would have a whole new meaning to the Board, the staff, and the community.


October 5 is the pre-trial date for the building next door. Todd Meyer is asking for mediation. He hopes that with mediation, both parties can settle on a price so that both parities can move ahead. Todd will keep Jane informed and let her know what date or dates he will need members of the Board and Kay to participate in either trial (presently scheduled for October 23 and 24) or for a mediation hearing. At the mediation hearing he would like Jane, Kay, Huck and Ruth to be present.


At the 2002 Budget public hearing on September 10, there were no remonstrance's against the Board approved 2002 Budget. The 2002 Budget was passed, signed by the Board members, and turned into the State Board of Tax Commissioners.


The next Board meeting will be on Monday October 29, and at 5:30 the Board will meet in Executive Session to discuss pending litigation involving the Libraryís Board of Trustees and a job evaluation.

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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                   Jane Myers, President