Minutes of the Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees

September 24, 2003


President Jane Myers called the meeting to order. Members attending were Huck Lewis, Jane Myers, David Koehler, Marsha Truitt, and Sharon Wood.  Ruth Lucas was ill.  Linda Jones was unable to attend.  Also attending were David Truitt, Board Attorney, Kathy Raver, Matt Mayo, and Dan Sulkoske.  Brian Smith and R.C. Walters attended.  Matt Hendrix attended from the Lebanon Reporter.


The Secretary’s Report for August 27 was approved as revised.  Huck made the motion and David K. gave the second.  The minutes from September 19 were approved.  Huck made the motion and David K. gave the second.


David Koehler gave the Treasurer’s Report.  He reported that for the General Obligation Bond, National City charged $400 for the wire transfer.  This is a one-time fee.  Computrain is a service that can put the budget books online.  If we buy all the modules, the cost would be $12,155.  Statements are now being sent to the Library.  David has signed the signature cards with both banks.


Marsha made the motion to approve the claims and Huck gave the second.


Huck and Dan gave a building update.  Dallas Ridener has completed compaction of the lot next door.  The redesign for 40-foot trucks to be able to use the east west alley would cost $150,000.  This would be a major redesign and would affect the electrical layout in the project.  A call was made to a board member letting us know that the First Baptist Church would be available in the next few years.  They also own two adjoining properties.


Kathy Raver discussed the differences between competitive and negogiated bond sales.


An executive session is planned for Tuesday, October 7, at 4:00 p.m.


Kay reported that United We Read is going very well.  The Western Boone media specialist has called asking for a book discussion.  The Universal Service Grant was accepted.  This will provide $3,000 for telephone services.  Kay has submitted preliminary paperwork for a Nina Pulliam Grant.  She will hear by October 30 if she can submit a proposal.  This would be to finish off the third floor of the building project. 


Laura Bensley will be responsible for assisting DFC referred clients with job skills and supporting them in employment once they are hired.


The next scheduled Board meeting is October 22, 2003, at 4:00.


Marsha made the motion and Jane gave the second to adjourn.


__________________________                    _________________________

Jane Myers, President                                                   Marsha Truitt, Secretary