Minutes Of The Lebanon Public Library Board Of Trustees

April 23, 2001


The Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees met in regular session on Monday, April 23, 2001 at 4:30 p.m. in the meeting room. Marsha Truitt was out of town.  All other board members were present. Donna Boone sat in for Kay Martin, director, who was on vacation. Attorney, Todd Meyer, came at 5:30 p.m. Anna Mae Hartsock was also present in the audience.


No minutes were read from the March meeting. Ruth Lucas presented the treasurerís report. Claims were moved from the end of the agenda and discussed and approved unanimously.


Ron Morelock gave an update from the legislature, and it was noted that our Indiana libraries did not lose ground in the area of maximum tax levies. House Bill 1003 is still eligible for conference committees and will be monitored. INCOLSA was not increased, but it was not decreased. With the budget in the current status, the INCOLSA bill is considered a modest victory.


Long range planning committee will continue to meet this spring. New information in the area of public education and library building acquisition will help to allow this committee to create a more complete vision.


The board made several positive comments concerning the activities included in the department reports. Several staff members attended the ILF conference and seemed pleased with the information gleaned from the workshops. Old friends were seen, and new ideas emerged.  It was a consensus of the board that training for trustees would be helpful in an in-service format. Jane Myers will contact the ILF for information about the facilitator in the trustee workshop presented during the ILF conference.


Kay Martinís Directorís report was in vacation format and pleasant to read. Job descriptions were discussed for department heads and the board asked to be updated in this area. An informal discussion centered about the needs if the circulation area.


The board then noted the Capital Project Plan for 2002 and moved unanimously to adopt the resolution to accept the plan according to Indiana Code.


Ruth Lucas then asked about the COIT money that will be awarded to county entities. Todd Meyer will check to see what restrictions might be tied to the money. It is hoped that the money will be able to be placed in the Library Improvement Fund.


Todd Meyer announced that a pre-trial telephone date for the Brandenburg building would be held around the first of June. Building tenantsí needs and concerns were discussed. Huck Lewis will begin the process of finding an engineer to give the library board a professional opinion and comparison of the library needs and the options the Brandenburg building offers.


The next board meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 21, 2001 at 4:30 in the library meeting room.


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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                      Jane Myers, President