Minutes Of The Lebanon Public Library Board Of Trustees

March 19, 2001



Jane Myers called the meeting to order at 4:30. Jane, Huck, Ruth, Linda, and Marsha were present. Kay Martin, the Director was present. Sharon arrived late. Ron was unable to attend.


The secretary’s report was shared. A correction was made in the name Brazil to Braziel. Jane made the motion and Linda gave the second.


Ruth presented the treasurer’s report. Ruth needs authority to publish the capital projects plan for the 2002 budget. We will get 4 cents. Marsha made the motion and Linda gave the second for approval.


Committee reports were shared. As always, the Board greatly appreciated the good information. In Kay’s Director’s Report, she shared information, and reported that she would know more about the Gates Grant after the March 30 meeting. The licenses for the Galaxy Web Pac went on sale and Galaxy honored this sale even though we had turned our LSTA grant in at the old price, so we will get 8 licenses instead of four. Galaxy will also give us the updated version at no extra charge.


Jane said that Cheryl Walden was questioning the paid vacation on her last check. She thought she had 14 days or two weeks of vacation. Two weeks would actually be 10 days. The Board will look at the vacation policy.


The nest meeting will be April 23. Kay will be gone and Donna will take her place at the meeting. Huck made the motion to approve the claims and Sharon gave the second.


_______________________                                      ________________________

Marsha Truitt, Secretary                                                        Jane Myers, President