Minutes Of The Lebanon Public Library Board Of Trustees

May 25, 2001



Huck Lewis called the meeting to order at 4:30 p. m. Members present were Ruth Lucas, Huck Lewis, Linda Jones, Sharon Wood, and Marsha Truitt. Kay Martin, Director was also present. Jane Myers and Ron Morelock were unable to attend.


The Secretaryís reports for the months of March and April were shared. Ruth made the motion and Linda gave the second to approve the minutes from those meetings.


Ruth said that there was no Treasurerís report, but that all is fine. A resolution for insurance purposes was discussed to make full time employment to be 30 hours a week. Marsha made the motion and Sharon gave the second to approve the resolution.


Huck contacted the engineering firms of Burgess and Niple and Hannom, Waggle, and Cline about future building projects.


Kay informed us that the Library received a RIF grant for $500 in free books.


The Board expressed appreciation for the effort and information put into the Department reports. We always enjoy reading the reports and being kept up to date.


Kay told us that Marie Neumanís name would be added to the gift -plaque.  Her sons, Karl and David, donated $1000 in memory of their mother.


Kay told us that she planned to purchase a planter to match the new outdoor benches. She is looking into the purchase of an awning to cover the skylights and help reduce the heat generated by the lights. The JMI contract went up $50 a month, but they do provide good service.



Under old business, the filtering equipment will be shipped May 16th. The cost for the filtering software is $100 a month. Also, JoAnna Howard settled for $1000 to leave the Lawler Building and relocate.


A motion to approve the claims was made by Sharon and seconded by Ruth.


The Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 25, 200l at 4:30 P.M.


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Marsha Truitt, Secretary                           Jane Myers, Secretary