The Lebanon Public Library 2014 Board of Trustees

Richard Milam - President
Karen Galvin - Vice President
Aaron Wilhoite - Treasurer
Lorrie Monn - Secretary
Barby Strange -Trustee Member
Karen Galvin - Trustee Member
Barb Sears- Trustee Member

The board is appointed by several community organizations. The Lebanon School Corporation is allotted 3 seats and 2 seat each are given to the Boone County Commissioners and the Boone County Council. 

  • Lebanon School Corporation: Karen Richards, Barb Sears, and Barby Strange
  • Boone County Commissioners: Richard Milam, Aaron Wilhoite
  • Boone County Council:

2014 Board of Trustees meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the upstairs meeting room.

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