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Lebanon Public Library Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy Insuring Fair Internet Access for All Library Users

  Amended 09-25-2012.

In order to use the Library's computers, users of all ages must read and accept the Lebanon Public Library (LPL) Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy each time they log in to a Library computer. The purpose of Library-provided Internet access is to facilitate communications in support of information gathering and education. All patrons, regardless of residency, are allowed access to the Internet while in the Library.  Patrons under the age of 18 do require parental consent for access.

The Library makes no warranties of any kind, neither expressed nor implied, for the Internet access it is providing. The Library will not be responsible for the accuracy, the nature or quality of the information stored or the quality of information gathered through Library-provided Internet access. The Library will not be responsible for unauthorized financial obligations resulting from Library-provided access to the Internet.

Any / all computer use may be suspended or revoked by LPL administration at any time, without prior notice or hearing, for abusive conduct or violations of the conditions set forth in this document. LPL will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes abusive conduct or violation of the LPL acceptable use policy. In cases of Internet Policy abuse, patrons / guests will receive only one (1) warning, resulting in notes placed on the patron / guest’s record; the second incident may result in the loss of Internet privileges permanently. Any person who refuses to comply with these guidelines will be asked to leave the library premises.

Section A: Inappropriate Internet Conduct
- In accordance with IC 36-12-1-12, the board of a public library shall adopt a policy concerning the appropriate use of the Internet by library patrons. Users may not utilize workstations, laptops or any mobile computing device to:
•    Access, upload, download, display, or distribute pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit language. Display of obscene materials in a public place is a Class D Felony in Indiana. Indiana Code is available in digital form at the Reference Desk or may be viewed on the internet at: http://www.in.gov/legislative/ic/code/.
•    Vandalize, damage, or disable the property of another individual
•    Access another individual’s materials, information, or files without permission
•    Violate copyright or otherwise use the intellectual property of another individual or organization without permission
•    Conduct unlawful or malicious activities such as hacking
•    Disrupt other users
•    Access sexually explicit material
•    Misrepresent oneself / LPL
•    Violate copyright laws to copy software - any person who copies software programs will have library privileges revoked. Misuse of services or equipment for the purpose of copying software is a violation of copyright laws.
•    The following uses of the public computers or Internet are prohibited as they do not fall within our guidelines:
o    Commercial or For-Profit Purposes
o    Product Advertising
o    Political Lobbying

Section B: General Guidelines of Usage

•    Computer and Internet users fall into three categories:
o    Residents need to use their LPL Evergreen library card to access the computer.  They also need a login password which can be provided by any circulation desk.
o    Regular visitors who are not residents (and therefore do not qualify for an LPL Evergreen library card) can be issued a special computer usage card.
o    Occasional or one-time visitors who are not residents can get a guest login from any Circulation Desks.
•    Non-resident users will be asked to show identification before receiving a computer usage card or guest login.
•    Patrons will be required to accept the conditions of this policy each time they log-in. Further guidelines and helpful tips for Internet use will also be provided via the log-in screen.  
•     Patrons needing additional computer assistance can use the 2nd floor
     computer lab and receive help during hours when the lab is open and
•    Computers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. No reserves will be permitted but if all computers are in use, users can be placed on a waiting list.
•      Researchers using computers in the Heritage Center are allowed up to three hours of computer use. Computer time can be extended at the Computer Lab staff’s discretion. If more computer time is needed, laptops which do not currently have a time limit may be checked out from the Computer Lab.

•    The computer workstations will close 10 minutes prior to the library closing.  Laptops must be returned 30 minutes before closing.
•    Wireless users are also expected to comply with this policy. The Library is not liable for any damage done to a patron’s personal computer while using the Library’s wireless network.
•    Filtering software is being used on all Library computers. Such software is not entirely effective in blocking access to questionable material. It is also important to remember that what constitutes “questionable material” can vary from individual to individual.
•    The Library does not offer e-mail accounts. Patrons may obtain an email account through a free email service. Staff can assist in helping patrons find such a service.
•    There is a printer located behind the Circulation Desk. Computer copies are $.10 per page. Patrons are responsible for payment before staff will initiate printing.  The staff on duty will assist you in paying for and retrieving your copies.
•    To ensure that documents aren't lost, patrons are encouraged to bring their own storage devices (discs, thumb drives, etc.).  The Library does not provide such devices.

Section C: For Those Users Under 18

The Library offers Internet access to assist in establishing educational and informational objectives. The Children's Department offers computers for the use of children aged 13 and younger.  Good behavior is expected online as well as in other areas of the Library.  Access by minors to inappropriate matter (see Section A.) is prohibited.
Parental consent to access the Internet is required for patrons aged 18 and younger.  By allowing their children Internet access, parents are accepting the terms of this policy.

Even though the Children’s computers are filtered, parents or guardians of minors are ultimately responsible for setting and conveying standards for children concerning Internet usage. Parents should be aware that some material accessible via the Internet might contain items that are illegal, sexually explicit, defamatory, inaccurate, and objectionable. It is possible to purchase goods and services via the Internet and as a guardian or parent you are responsible for those financial obligations.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to review the following websites for more information concerning online safety:

•    www.netsmartz.org – Site maintained by The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 
•    www.getnetwise.org
•    www.safekids.com

The Library Board reserves the right to revise this Internet Access Policy at any given time.