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Little Readers' Book Reviews!

Write a review of a book you have read from the Lebanon Public Library and get a chance to win a prize in a drawing for a larger Monthly Prize! Just pick up a form at the Children's Department desk and tell us why you loved (or hated) the chosen book. Your name will be entered into our drawing! One name will be drawn each month. Your review may land here, on our website! This contest is for all children aged 2 to 12.

Last Olympian - Rick Riordan The Last Olympian
Rick Riordan
5 Stars
Reader: Ricky Bordales   Age: 11
Review: The Last Olympian is a great book. It has action, comedy and excitment all in one book. All the books are great, but this is the best so far. What I have read of his work was great, but none would ever amount to the excellence of this. I look forward to reading more of Rick Riordan's books!

Bears on Chairs - Shirley Parenteau Bears on Chairs
Shirley Parenteau
4 Stars
Reader: Hattie Imboden   Age: 4
Review: There were four little bears that sat on the chairs and the big brown bear wanted to sit on the chair, but there were no chairs left. They scoot their chairs together and it made one big chair. Will there be enough room for the bears? I like the book because I like all about bears!
Tsunami! - Kimiko Kajikawa Tsunami!
Kimiko Kajikawa
5 Stars
Reader: Nash Imboden   Age: 5
Review: This book is great! It's about a big wave. All the houses fall down and the people run away from the wave and are safe then. Ojiisan saved the day!

What Shall We Play - Sue Heap What Shall We Play?
Sue Heap
5 Stars
Reader: Jasmine Stewart   Age: 3
Review: This is about three little kids with big imaginations. They pretend to be cats, trees, cars and fairies. I love this book! I like to use my imagination, too!
Spy Cat - Peg Kehret Spy Cat
Peg Kehret
3 Stars
Reader: Bailee Weaver   Age: 11
Review: Spy cat is a book that will take you on an absolutely amazing adventure! Pet the cat is back, and he saves the day again when suspicious moving men come into the neighborhood. If you enjoy books with suspense and mystery, read Spy Cat.

Pinduli - Janell Cannon Pinduli
Janell Cannon
5 Stars
Reader: Haley Smith   Age: 7
Review: It was a good book that taught you not to make fun of other people, but to respect them.
Bailey School Kids: Bigfoot Doesn't Square Dance Bailey School Kids: Bigfoot Doesn't Square Dance
Peg Kehret
4 Stars
Reader: Noah Molter   Age: 7 1/2
Review: It was awesome because it was cool when they looked up and Mr. Squash was standing there!

Case of the Dirty Bird - Gary Paulsen The Case of the Dirty Bird
Gary Paulsen
3 Stars
Reader: Erin Lammott   Age: 11
Review: Deene has to write report about a wild animal and goes to the pet shop to look at animals. He looks at a 100 and some year old parrot who gives them clues about a buried treasure, I thought the book was easy for one. I thought it was interesting though, especially the ending, it was funny!
Early Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Bellows - Barry Dennenberg Early Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Bellows
Barry Dennenberg
5 Stars
Reader: Bethany Walters   Age: 13
Review: This book is the Fictional diary of 12 year old Amber Billows. Amber's father is a reporter, so their family meves alot. They moved to Oahu, Hawaii shortly before December 7, 1946. Amber writes of her experience during the attack, and the cruelties her Japanese friends went through.

No Image Available Little Tiger Goes to School
5 Stars
Reader: Jennika Olsen   Age: 3 1/2
Review: I love School! This books makes me HAPPY!!
The Voyages of Dr. Doolittle - Hugh Lofting The Voyages of Dr. Doolittle
Hugh Lofting
5 Stars
Reader: Lauren Van Atter   Age: 8
Review: I think that everyone should read this book because it's really interesting. It has animals and an awesome adventure!

The Wanderer - Sharon Creech The Wanderer
Sharon Creech
5 Stars
Reader: Rachel   Age: 11
Review: This is an excellent book! I LOVED it!
Falling Up - Shel Silverstein Falling Up
Shel Silverstein
5 Stars
Reader: Makayla Culley   Age: 12
Review: I really love his (Shel Silverstein's) poems. They inspire me to make poems of my own. I wish I could be an author just like him.

I Stink - Kate & Jim McMullan I Stink!
Kate & Jim McMullan
5 Stars
Reader: Amelia Cottel   Age: 3
Review: This book is great. I like the funny words in the book. I like the yucky alphabet part. My favorite picture is the one where the engine roars!
Big and Little - Steve Jenkins Big and Little
Steve Jenkins
5 Stars
Reader: Savannah Hottle   Age: 5 1/2
Review: I like it because it showed big animals and little animals. Tigers and cats. Small and big animals.

No Image Available The Marvelous Mud Washing Machine
Patty Wolcott
5 Stars
Reader: John Plunkett   Age: 6
Review: The book was great. When the boy got muddy it was funny.
I Love You with All my Heart - Noris Kern I Love You with All my Heart
Noris Kern
5 Stars
Reader: Alexis Kearney   Age: 6
Review: It was good and sweet and shows you how much a mommy loves her child.

No Image Available Santa's Workshop
1 Star
Reader: Sally Everett   Age: 7
Review: The elves are working hard. They're packing up the sleigh. Santa will be stopping by to open Christmas Day.
Clifford Goes to Hollywood - Norman Bridwell Clifford Goes to Hollywood
Norman Bridwell
5 Stars
Reader: Marissa Kearney   Age: 8
Review: I like it because Clifford went for awhile and then realized in the end he missed and loved the little girl very much and came back home to her.

Love from your Friend Hannah - Mindy Worshaw Skolsky Love from your Friend Hannah
Mindy Worshaw Skolsky
5 Stars
Reader: Allison Kraft   Age: 10
Review: I liked this book because the girl in this story writes a ton of letters to her grandma, aunt, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, her friend, Aggie and her penpal Edward/ It is a very good book about a girl and her exciting life!

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