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Poetry Contest Winners 2009
Mary Piper's poem in a drawing

Most Creative
Tree Poem
by Mary Piper
Rough brown trunk
Cool green leaves
Swaying in the breeze
An island in a sea of green grass
Fresh scent of Spring

If I Were
by Lillian Smith
If I were a dog I would eat a funny log!
But if I were a cat I would make a funny hat!
So if you were a cat or a dog what would you do?

Most Expressive
Lovely Lolly
by Hannah Vyain
Lolly is…
The warm spring air
A small wind in your hair
The sound of a blue jay
Children running out to play
The flow of the river
No cold winds that make you shiver
Shade under an oak tree
With the small buzz of a bee
A month in Florida
A week in Arizona
The love that fills the room
The swiftness of a broom
The friends you’ll make
And a big chocolate cake
Lolly is…
The warm spring air
A small wind in your hair

Most Inspiring
Good Morning Spring
by Leah Skillington
Oh how I love to see the flowers
Blooming in the spring
Especially when they wake up
And say “Good Morning Spring”
Oh how I love to hear the birds,
When I wake at dawn
It’s such a pleasant thing
To hear them sing “Good Morn’”

Most Charming
by Sarah Hutchins
Dogs are cute, dogs are fun
Wait till you see how fast my dog can run!


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