September 2000


Bernadene "Bernie" Burns -- Monetary donation, Tom & Lisa Garoffalo

In Loving Memory of My Mother, Bernie Burns -- A Mother's Legacy, Patty Burns Gates

Bernie Burns -- 104 Questions Children Ask About Heaven & Angels, Charlene Robertson

What Grandmas Do Best, Charlene Robertson

Mimi Darrough -- Singers and the Song II, Marcia & Wayne Kinderman & Sharon Morgan

Mike Guthrie -- The World of Butterflies, David and Inga Randle

Peg Hardin -- The Complete Book of Papercrafts, Ron & Judy Brown

Hey, Kids! Come Craft With Me, Ron & Judy Brown

Woman's Day Crafts for the Home, Ron & Judy Brown

My Nature Craft Book, Ron & Judy Brown

Little Dog Poems, Larc & LuAnn Robertson, Chase & Dane

The Forest in the Clouds, Larc & LuAnn Robertson

Firefly Night, Brian & Sharon Brown

The First Starry Night, Brian & Sharon Brown

God's Littlest Angel, Brian & Sharon Brown

Helen I. Hedge -- Fresh and Dried Flowers, Friends of Westmoor Apt. Bldg. 120

Flower Arranging, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Clem

Topiary and the Art of Training Plants, Mr. & Mrs. Max Krukewitt

Mary Louise Jones -- Piano Roles: Three Hundred Years of Life with the Piano, LuAnn & Larc

Robertson, Max Cowan

Marian Bea Lingeman, Mother of Andrea Linsmeyer -- Mothers and Daughters, Patty Gates

Marie Hill Neuman--member of first Girl Scout troop in Lebanon -- The Guide for Brownie Girl

Scout Leaders, Boone Girl Scouts

Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts, Boone Girl Scouts

Brownie Girl Scout Handbook, Boone Girl Scouts

Jim Paton, a great teacher who touched my life -- Setting Up Shop, Grant Gates

Fern Sullivan -- The ABC's of Angels, Ed, Barb, & Michaela Belcher

Neptune's Nursery, Ed, Barb, & Michaela Belcher

Robert Swope -- Golf, As It Was Meant To Be Played, Alada Alexander

Jack Wall and In Honor of Helen Wall "Many Memories" -- All Too Human (Large Print), Alada


Fred Welch -- The Bicycle Man, Damon Gates Family



Terena Bowen, Daniel Bowen, Kent Bowen, Holly Daupert, Nancy Warren, Krista Burtron, and

Brad Mace -- A Question of Character, Lebanon Optimist Club

Teens Can Make it Happen, Lebanon Optimist Club

More Taste Berries for Teens, Lebanon Optimist Club

Tom Dillon -- Fire Stations, Alada Alexander

In Honor and "Memories" of Bob Holley and Roger Franklin -- A Century of Broadway, Alada Alexander

Mrs. Mary Scherer and Mrs. Katha Dulhanty -- Little House on the Prairie, Katherine E. Neal

Little House in the Big Woods, Katherine E. Neal

Farmer Boy, Katherine E. Neal

On the Banks of Plum Creek, Katherine E. Neal