June 2001




Barbara Shook Akers -- Romeo & Juliet (Classic Book), LHS Class of 61


Lucille Bruner -- Nursing Reflections, Witham Hospital Employees

Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul, Witham Hospital Employees


Richard Chambers -- The Soul of Tiger Woods, Bob Berry Family


Dr. Ritchie Coons -- The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines, Magazine Club

English Cottage Gardening for American Gardeners, Magazine Club

Great Health Hints & Handy Tips, The Jack Day Family


Don Coy -- Ian Penney's  Book of Fairy Tales, Jay, Sherri, Abby & Emily Hackett


Gordon Emmert -- The Gun and the Law (Large Print), Don & Mary Wolfe

Tombstone Showdown (Large Print), Don & Mary Wolfe

Kincaid (Large Print), Don & Mary Wolfe

May There Be a Road, The Jack Day Family


Joe Haboush -- The Young Musician's Survival Guide, The Jack Day Family

Broadways Greatest (CD), Meals on Wheels Inc.

Hooked on Big Bands (CD), Susan Luse, Jo Ellen Luse Neighbors, Patty Luse

King, Tim Luse, and David Luse

Hooked on Instrumentals (CD), Susan Luse, Jo Ellen Luse Neighbors, Patty Luse

King, Tim Luse, and David Luse

Jazz, Pam and Gene Keck, Steven Keck, Stacey (Keck) & Ben Mank

Training with a Beat, Ann Cunningham and John, Hortense Richman

Big Band Hit Parade (CD), Ann Cunningham and John, Hortense Richman

Tommy Dorsey The Seventeen Number Ones (CD), Marg and Jim Berry


Larry R. McMann -- Horse Sense for People, Psi Iota Xi Sorority, Omega Chapter


Gregory Mukhtar -- Chosen Prey, Marcia and Alan Wilhoite and Family


Marthella E. (Dickerson) Nieman -- A Flower for Every Day, Naomi M. (Dickerson)

Osborne and Paul R. Dickerson


Bill Pierce and George Pierce -- Tales from the Dodger Dugout, Jake Kincaid


Hubert Ping -- Good and Perfect Gifts, Jay, Sherri, Abby & Emily Hackett


Earl Reese -- Fantasy Cars, The City of Lebanon


Helen Reinke -- The Princess and the Peacocks, Jay, Sherri, Abby & Emily Hackett


Helen Richardson -- Decorating Ideas : Projects to Make for Indoors and Out, Don & Mary Wolfe

Decorations, Candles & Wreaths, Don & Mary Wolfe

Fit for Real People : Sew Great Clothes Using Any Pattern, Don & Mary Wolfe

Decorating Inside and Out, Ross & Phyllis Neese


Enid Rodgers -- Dinner at Aunt Connie's House, Jay, Sherri, Abby & Emily Hackett


Joseph O. Scott -- Atlas of Historical County Boundaries : Indiana, Barb & Dave Darbutt and Family


Vera Wethington -- Classic Roses, Barb & Dave Darbutt and Family


Bill White -- Secrets of the Vine, Pat Shoemaker

Fundamentals of Track and Field, Coach Vic Jones & Family





Abby Brockman, Graduation -- The Beauty of Dogs, Ken & Shari Campbell


A. David Budd for Father's Day -- Wildest Places on Earth, Gretchen Smith


Roy Flanary, High School Tennis Coach of the Year 2000 -- USTA's Complete

Conditioning for Tennis Video (Video), Josh Whitman


Dr. & Mrs. G.E. French -- Alaska, Dick & Sue Hall and Family


Mary L. Scott -- The Kitchenware Book, Barb & Dave Darbutt and Family


Bob & Lois Jean Sharpe, 50th Anniversary -- God's Little Seeds, Byron & Charlene Hackett

The Parable of the Lily, Byron & Charlene Hackett


Earl Slaughter -- The American Dream, Ann Cunningham and John, Hortense Richman



Other Donations and Gifts include:


The Farolitos of Christmas, Moose Lodge 1269

A Bugs Life (Espanol), Moose Lodge 1269

The Emperor's New Groove, Moose Lodge 1269

Pamela's First Musical, Moose Lodge 1269

The Girl in the Golden Bower, Moose Lodge 1269

Playing with Fire, Moose Lodge 1269

Discovering the Iceman, Moose Lodge 1269

Lights on the River, Moose Lodge 1269

Cats, Moose Lodge 1269

Mr. Midshipman Hornblower, Moose Lodge 1269