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In Memory Of:

Buford "Ernie" Graham -- Legendary John Deere Tractors, by Dan Dippold
Jeff Hunter --
The Flowering Cross, and How Noah Knew What To Do, by Amy, Michael, Conner and Owen Bigler ; What Is Heaven Like?, by The Lebanon Mothers of Preschoolers Group & Their Family
Lindsay Johnson –
Monetary gift, by Ed, Carole, Eloise and "Thomas E." Burdell
James B. Nelson --
20th Century Classic Cars : 100 Years of Automotive Ads, by David and Marsha Truitt
Carl Riggs --
Churchill: The Definitive Collection of Quotations, by Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees and Staff
Maretta Shelby --
A World of Cake, Golf Stories, Taste of Home Baking, by Alan E. and Marcia C. Wilhoite ; Gourmet Today, by Omega Chapter Psi Iota Xi ; 1 year subscription of Vanity Fair magazine, by Mike Burns and Patty Burns Gates

In Honor Of:

Other Donations and Gifts

Third Grave Dead Ahead  (Audiobook), Celebrity (Audiobook), Innocent (Audiobook),

Lost years  (Audiobook), Robert Ludlum's the Jason Command  (Audiobook), 

What Doesn't Kill You  (Audiobook), Wild Thing  (Audiobook), and Private Games  (Audiobook), by Terry and Betty Kildow