February 2002


Arlie E. Birge -- The War Journal, Larry & Ruth Chesney

Katie Brashaber -- Amelia Earhart's Shoes, Kandi Killin and Helen J. Campbell

Loretta Margaret Brownlee -- Victorian Furniture, Rosalyn Brownlee

The Cambridge Glass Company, Rosalyn Brownlee

Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide, Rosalyn Brownlee

The Antiques Treasury of Furniture and Other Decorative Arts, Rosalyn


Sterling Silver, Silverplate and Souvenir Spoons, Rosalyn Brownlee

A Guidebook of Colored Glassware of the 1920's and 1930's, Rosalyn Brownlee

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, Rosalyn Brownlee

Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Pattern Glass, Rosalyn Brownlee

Bud Hastin's Avon Bottle Encyclopedia, Rosalyn Brownlee

Monmouth Western Stoneware, Rosalyn Brownlee

Collector's Guide Early American Tools, Rosalyn Brownlee

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Occupied Japan (2 editions), Rosalyn Brownlee

1977-1978 Antique Jewelry Price Guide, Rosalyn Brownlee

Antiques in Kentucky, Rosalyn Brownlee

Northwood King of Carnival Glass, Rosalyn Brownlee

A Dictionary of Marks, Rosalyn Brownlee

Carnival Glass Tumblers, Rosalyn Brownlee

Antiques and Collectibles, Rosalyn Brownlee

Carnival Glass, Rosalyn Brownlee

Colors in Carnival Glass, Rosalyn Brownlee

Collecting Royal Haeger, Rosalyn Brownlee

Salt & Pepper Shakers II, Rosalyn Brownlee

The Collector's Complete Dictionary of American Antiques, Rosalyn Brownlee

Album of American Furniture Classics, Rosalyn Brownlee

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antiques, Rosalyn Brownlee

Jessica Anne Chesney -- Psalm 23, Larry & Ruth Chesney

Suzie Coons -- The Legend of the Lady's Slipper, Barbara Belt and Don Sanders

The Good-Night Blessing Book, The Klyce & Marsh Family

The Gift of Grandparenting, Marc & Susan Lehmann

The Story of the Orchestra, Ann Cunningham and Hortense Richman

Mary Louise "Suzie" Coons -- Fairy Wings, Witham Memorial Hospital Laboratory

Delmar Copeland -- Mr. Bristol's Barn, Commercial Filters Division, Parker-Hannifin


Irene Demaree -- Country Casseroles, Helen J. Campbell

Laura Ruth Wood Evans -- Virtues of Family Life, Jane Wood & Mallory Vann

Jack Johnson -- I'll Always Be Your Friend, Don Sanders

How I Play Golf, Ross & Phyllis Neese and Family

David Krammes, Father of Deb Ayers -- The Complete Short Stories of Robert Louis

Stevenson, Mike & Sande Burns

Donald Earl McClain -- Heart Centered Marriage, Jane Wood & Mallory Vann

Raymond D. Terrill -- Baseball in Action, Lance & Kristen Scheib & Family and Dave &

Barb Scheib

Golf in Action, Lance & Kristen Scheib & Family and Dave & Barb Scheib

Football in Action, Lance & Kristen Scheib & Family and Dave & Barb Scheib

Basketball in Action, Lance & Kristen Scheib & Family and Dave & Barb Scheib

Michael G. Updike -- The Marine Book : A Portrait of America's Military Elite, Jean


Floyd Yegerlehner -- Measure Twice, Cut Once, Mike & Sande Burns and Damon &

Patty Gates



Chloe Alese McQueen -- Our Raspberry Jam, Gaynelle Caldwell

Betty Thayer -- One Incredible Moment, Tonya Thayer & Family