January 2003




Gracie, Petie, Mittsa -- The Ferret Chronicles : Air Ferrets Aloft, Mark Hill


Dolores Anderson -- Sarah's Bead, Carey & Debra Woodings & Family and Roy &

Annette Muse

Cherishing our Daughters, Carey & Debra Woodings & Family and Roy &

Annette Muse


Herman L. Burdine -- Lucille's Car Care, Commercial Filters Division, Parker-Hannifin



Kenneth Cory -- We Remember the Fabulous '50s, Lois Buntin


Dora M. Davidson -- The Royals, The Family


Mary Fisher -- An Accidental Woman, Ed Williams and Family


Karen Fisher -- Daddy's Little Girl, Ed Williams and Family


Gene Fisher -- Step Ball Change, Ed Williams and Family


Helen Foust -- Just Like Mama, Betty Linn


Elizabeth Heath -- Over Key West and the Florida Keys, David & Janice Robertson


Raymond E. Hughes -- John Deere Collectibles, Susan Luse & Jo Ellen Neighbors

John Deere Two-Cylinder Collectibles, Susan Luse & Jo Ellen Neighbors

Indianapolis Union Station, Mrs. Mary Whitaker, Mr & Mrs. Richard Walton,

Mrs. Floyd Anderson, Mrs. Helen Wolf


"Grandma Jo" Johnson -- I'll Be There, Christy, Michelle & Sigmon Myers


Jo Johnson -- Bear Hugs, Sig and Jane Myers


George Klink -- Blue Ribbons and Burlesque : a Book of County Fairs, Dick and Sue



Jacque Palmer, former President of Boone County Retired Teachers -- Free Legal Advice

: Indiana, Brian L. Smith


Earl Reese -- Scribbling in the Sand, Dick and Sue Hall


Esther Reese -- My Grandmother's Clock, Wally & Karla Venis

Girls Think of Everything, Wally & Karla Venis

30 days to Experiencing Spiritual Breakthrough, Dick and Sue Hall


Darnell & Betty Walker -- Monetary, Sigmon & Jane Myers and Family


Floyd Yegerlehner -- Monetary, Mary Lois Yegerlehner


Charlotte Young -- Franklin Pierce, Shamrock Club



Other Donations and Gifts include:


The Book of Mormon, Raymond McCaffrey


The Ferret Chronicles -- Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse, Mark Hill and his beloved



A Series of Unfortunate Events : The Carnivorous Carnival, Mischa Nixon