March 2003




Carolyn (Barton) Allen -- The Taste for Living World Cookbook, Kay Martin


Craig Brannon -- Baseball Parks, Lois Buntin

The Super Bowl, Maxine Montgomery

Complete Grilling Cookbook, Mike Burns and Damon and Patty Gates

Beef, Lebanonette Extension Homemakers


Robert Brockman -- In Search of America, Cynthia Watson & Colleen Royal


Sande Burns -- Henry James (Classic Book), Jeff & Sharon Wood

Late Bloomer, Robert & Donna Nelson

Monetary, Robert & Donna Nelson

A Treasure Chest of Melodies and Memories (CD), Maxine Johnson & Family

The Raggedy Man, Lois Buntin

Sweet Hush, Parr Richey Obremskey & Morton

Christmas Ideas Make Good Cheer, Parr Richey Obremskey & Morton

Monetary, Stan Large

Marches : Greatest Hits (CD), The Linsmeyer Family

The Original, All-American Sousa! (CD), Gary & Andrea Linsmeyer

The Three Questions, Tom & Chris Whitsitt

The Circle of Days, Tom & Chris Whitsitt

God Bless America, Michelle E. Myers

God be in My Heart, Sig & Jane Myers and Family

Six of One/ Half Dozen of Another, Sig & Jane Myers and Family

Peggy Lee : The Man I Love/ If You Go, Ann Garoffolo

Monetary, Ann Garoffolo

Monetary, Patty and Bob Willhite


LaVerne Endicott -- Harvest Home, Sigma Delta Pi Sorority


Sue McKelvey -- An Angel's Story, Ted, Delara, Austin, & Laine Bennington

Designing Your Garden, Amy Bigler

Jam & Jelly by Holly & Nellie, Jeff and Sharon Wood

What Can I Give Him?, George and Barbara Anderson

Wyatt's Wagon, Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa


Marylea Molello -- La Cucina Italiana, Cooking Club

A Very Good Marriage, Magazine Club


Sophrona Susan Mosley -- The Dreamtime Fairies, MOPS


Mary Ottinger -- Tutankhamun, Jean Fajfer

The American Heritage New History of the Civil War, Jean Fajfer


Joseph Ransom -- Love Song for a Baby, Bridget Harrison

This Place I Know, The Gary Linsmeyer Family


Mary Short -- Piano, Magazine Club

Crocheter's Companion, Benny and Linda Jones


Bob Simms -- The Merciful God of Prophecy, Jones Greenhouse


Lyle Uhler -- Discovering Indiana, Mount Flowers' Employees

Scenic Driving : Indiana, Mount Flowers' Employees

Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide : Washington D.C., James Newman





Linda Jones -- The Prodigal Cat, Friends of the Library

This Little Pig, Friends of the Library

Just Like Mama, Friends of the Library


Molly Riggs -- 2002 Taste of Home Annual Recipes, Friends of the Library



Other Donations and Gifts include:


99 Historic Homes of Indiana, Boone County Landmarks Preservation, Inc.