October 2003




Mera Kay Bentley -- After Breast Cancer, Peggy Keaton


Glen Crick -- Dreams Come True -- Crick Family History, Mary Lou Crick


Catherine C. Fletcher -- Go in Peace : A Gift of Enduring Love, Psi Iota Xi Sorority, Omega Chapter

Catherine (Katie) Fletcher -- Hush, Little Ones, Pat Gray

Catherine C. Fletcher "Grandma Katie" -- For the Children, Christy, Michelle, and Sigmon Myers


Bob "Bobby" Hickson, Oct. 1943 - Feb. 1999 -- The Complete Book of Card Games, Rob and Jamey


John Isenhower -- Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say!, The Class of 1957


Marian L. Miller -- The Best of Country Cooking 2003, Psi Iota Xi Sorority, Omega Chapter

Marian L. Miller, Mother of Sandy Pauley -- Organic Vegetable Gardening, Bill & Sally Byrd

Backyard Living, Teresa and Drew Price


John Mount, Jr. (The Captain) -- Flair with Flowers, Staff of Mounts Flowers October 2003

Fast Flower Arranging, Staff of Mounts Flowers - October 2003


Marjorie Papworth -- Cats : An Anthology of Verse & Prose, Shirley O'Neal and Family

Monetary, Suzanne Bramblett


Eunice Roche -- Saving Grace, Lois Buntin


Jim (Pops) Summerville -- Mud is Cake, Amy, Michael & Conner Bigler

Jim (Pops) Summerville, a great guy -- My Horse of the North, Jodi & Jason Barnett


Great-grandma Mary Elizabeth Wagner -- Christmas Ornaments, Chad Hale


Great-grandpa Charles Leroy Wagner -- Farm Days, Chad Hale


Linda Wood -- The Very First Christmas, Brad, Pam, Elizabeth, & Laura Burpo





Brayton Chase Bowen -- Sandwiches for Duke, Carly and Aidan Smith


John and Sara Donaldson, for their 50th Wedding Anniversary, 11-22-03 -- The Reagans : Portrait of a Marriage, Mike

Burns and Damon and Patty Gates


Owen and Claire Hansen, for their 50th Wedding Anniversary, August 31, 2003 -- Poetry Speaks (includes 3 audio CDs),

Mike Burns


Caroline Lariviere's 14th Birthday -- Sweet Caroline, Nana


Adeline Grace Myers -- Are You Sleeping?, Carly and Aidan Smith



Other Donations and Gifts include:


Photographs by Ann Zane Shanks, Ann Zane Shanks