May & June 2004




William Canada -- The Animal Hedge, The Harold Kinsler Family


Stella Cearley -- To Whom the Angel Spoke, Kathy Kinsler & Patsy Sanders


Dora M. Davidson -- The Faith of George W. Bush, The Family


Chad Hale's dog, Doc.  He will be missed! -- ABC Dog, Conner Bigler & Family

Clifford the Big Red Dog : A Special Friend (Board book), Conner Bigler & Family


Ralph C. Green -- Allison Power of Excellence 1915-1990, Mary Alice Green


Martha Hall -- Dance to the Big Band Sounds (CD), Thetis Turner

World's Greatest Polkas (CD), Thetis Turner


Bill Kelley -- The Big O : My Life, My Times, My Game, Joe & Lois Kammerer


Uncle Bill Kelley -- Basketball Offenses & Plays, Joshua & Jacob Kammerer


Daniel David Kincaid -- Pride of October : What It Was to Be Young and a Yankee,

Anthony & Rosalie Kincaid

Ted Williams : The Biography of an American Hero (Large Print), Anthony &

Rosalie Kincaid

The Long Ball : The Summer of '75 -- Spaceman, Catfish, Charlie Hustle, and the

Greatest World Series Ever Played, Anthony & Rosalie Kincaid


Ted Kincaid -- The Dream Giver, Joe & Ann Newsom


Vera Lichlyter -- Quilted Comforts for the Home, Betty Linn


Hollis Roy Martin -- Medal of Honor : Profiles of America's Military Heroes From the

Civil War to the Present, Tami & Mark Richardson & Family

The Night You Were Born, Harold & Kathy Kinsler

Indiana Practice : Rules of Procedure Annotated, Volume 1, Oak Hill Cemetery

Board of Directors & Employees

Indiana Practice : Rules of Procedure Annotated, Volume 1A, Oak Hill Cemetery

            Board of Directors & Employees


Roger Martz -- Wings : A History of Aviation from Kites to the Space Age, Richard &

Wilma Walton

Thank You, Grandpa, Betty Linn


Jim Newman, Charter Member of BCHS -- Indiana's Own : Stories From the Heart,

Boone County Historical Society


Alice Porter -- The Illustrated A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Jones Greenhouse


Robert Schrock -- Blue Collar Comedy Tour (DVD), Denise Hinson & family


Jim & Adeline Taylor -- Character Matters, Joe & Ann Newsom


Ray Terrill -- 100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro Football, Joe & Ann Newsom





Dan Carmichael -- Family Fun Vacation Guide : Great Lakes, Jay and Marge Niemann


Marilyn Neese -- Farmstand Vegetables, Jay and Marge Niemann


Hunter Redhead -- Grandmother's Dreamcatcher, Grandpa Jon & Grandma Sandy

Vacation memories

Ten Little Rabbits (Board book), Grandpa Jon & Grandma Sandy - Vacation



James "Jamie" Shoemaker, Jr., graduate of I.U. School of Medicine, as he enters his

residency program at the Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies at

Michigan State University -- Iliad (Classic Book), Damon Gates Family