December 2004


 Walter R. Allen -- Goodbye Mog, Homewood Health Campus

 Lester Baker -- The Christmas Bell, Troy, Lori, Morgan, and Garrett Rowe

 Grandpa Bohanon -- Lighthouse, Morgan and Garrett Rowe

 Inez Eads -- The Well-Designed Mixed Garden, Center Stage Community Theatre

 William Handley -- New York Giants: Seventy-Five Years, Homewood Health Campus

 Jean (Green) Hardin -- Barefoot Contessa Parties, The Tourist Club

 Lindsay Johnson Monetary Gift, Ed & Carole Burdell

 Everlyn Lucas -- A Snowman Named Just Bob, Homewood Health Campus

The Hazel - Atlas Glass Identification and Value Guide, Jean and Bob Gayer, and Leona and Ronald Messimore

 Violet L. McClaire -- Tuesday is Chicken, Homewood Health Campus

 June E. McIntyre -- Festive Entertaining, Homewood Health Campus

 Ilene L. Morton -- One Winter Night, Homewood Health Campus

 Alice Powell -- Born Fighting: How the Scot-Irish Shaped America, Jeff and Sharon Wood

 Letha Rodgers -- Holiday Entertaining, Homewood Health Campus

 Gertrude Rowe -- Treasures of the Heart, Troy, Lori, Morgan, and Garrett Rowe

 Edward D. Swing -- The Last Stand Of The Tin Can Sailors, Homewood Health Campus



 Christmas -- Joy to the World (DVD), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

 Ann Garoffolo & Jim Goar -- The Night Before Christmas, Kay Martin and Donna Boone

 Marcid Kunz -- Gifts of the Wise Men, Otterbein United Methodist Church

 Kanene Summers -- Dear Mom and Dad, Otterbein United Methodist Church


 Other Donations and Gifts include:

 The Liza Minnelli Scrapbook, Mike Burns

 Brand New Dell Computer Monitor, Mike Whitman