February 2006



Grandma Bonnie, The Doll Lady, The Selkes

Food Styles: Noodles, The Selkes


Bill Byrd (Teresa Price's Father), Larry Bird, A Basketball Legend (DVD), Knights of Pythias Wives


Dora M. Davidson, Going Places, The Family of Dora M. Davidson

2nd Chance, The Family of Dora M. Davidson

Bob Knight: The Unauthorized Biography, The Family of Dora M. Davidson

Love Always, Petra, The Family of Dora M. Davidson


Jack L. Day, Paving The Way: Asphalt In America, The Day Family


Mary Margaret Edens, Mother Teresa : A Simple Path, Kinsler's Home Services


Daniel P. Foreman, America In The Air War, Beverly Foreman

Knights of The Air, Beverly Foreman

The Luftwaffe, Beverly Foreman

Fighting Jets, Beverly Foreman


Lucy Linville, The Constant Gardener (Audio CD), The Williams Family

Our Endangered Valued: America's Moral Crisis, The Williams Family


Conner's friend, Pebbles, Always and Forever, Your Mounts Flowers Family


Gib Ruark, Landscaping Basics, Bob & Carol Duncan





Mike & Susie Goforth, Live Your Best Life, Larry, Tracy, Joshua, Rachel, Jon, & Phillip


Sally Nester, Time Alive : Celebrate Your Life Every Day, Kinsler's Home Services


Ladies Night Out, Fear! Fear! Fear!  Mary Barron

Never Give Up! (Audio cassette), Mary Barron

Eight Ways To Keep The Devil Under Your Feet (Audio cassettes), Mary Barron

Conference Teachings from Joyce Meyer Ministries (Audio CD), Mary Barron

How To Be Radically Outrageously Blessed (Audio CD), Mary Barron


Homer Prather, The Committed Marriage, The Selkes


Paige Nicole Solomon, Thank You  Prayer, Drew


The Young Adult Department of The Lebanon Public Library donated books in honor of the following individuals for their help in our January 2006 move:


Nick Gasper, The Death Of Superman

Savannah Gasper, Fruits Basket Vol. 1

Conway Manninig, The Skills To Pay The Bills: The Story Of The Beastie Boys

Kayla Minglin, Sweet 16 Princess

Kendra Minglin, The Secret Of Sarah Revere

Tracey Orner, Or Give Me Death

Sophia Orner, Finishing Becca

Brandon Owens, Abaret

Tabitha Snyder, Mountain Solo

Jenny Van Kley, The King Of Mulberry Street

Cati Van Kley, The Magic Circle

Carolynn Van Kley, Breath

Adam Wendall, High Rhulain