March, 2006



Shirley Caldwell, Climbing Gardens, Betty Linn, Alan & Cathy Heath, Kirk & Beverly Freshour, and Tom & Syndy Linn


Randy Ellis, Big Book Of Easy Home Fix-Ups, Beta Athena Chapter of E.S.A.


Martha Kirkindall, How To Be Lovely, Dwight and Penny Bridge


Thelma Livingston, Tucker (Large Print), Thelma Livingston's Family


Anna Poynter, Grandmere, Jim and Ann Manak

Extraordinary Chickens, Jim and Ann Manak


Ruth Shea, A Very California: Travels Through The Golden State, Beta Athena Chapter of E.S.A.


Evelyn Thrine, American Country Christmas, Mr. & Mrs. John D. Richardson




The staff and the board of the Lebanon Public Library donated books in honor of the following organizations, business establishments, and individuals for their help in the library’s January 2006 move:

Aldi, Whistling

Arni’s, My Mountain Song

Knotty Pine Inn, Names For Snow

Kroger, Ruby Lee The Bumble Bee

Lebanon Kiwanis, The Art Of Woodworking, Routing And Shaping

Lebanon Kiwanis Builders Club, The Art Of Woodworking, Cabinets And Bookcases

Lebanon Rotary, Benjamin Franklin

LMS Builders Club, Prairie Train

Lo Bill, Where Is Little Reynard?

McDonalds, When Uncle Took The Fiddle

Muggsy’s, Kids Cookies

Papa Johns, Bruh Rabbit And The Tar Baby Girl

Pizza Hut, Winter's Gift

Wal-Mart, Ready, Set, Grow! A Kids Guide to Gardening


Clarence Barkley, Basic Outdoor Projects

Mary Barron, "Breit" Ideas for Home Décor

Aggie Benken, The Way I Love You

Lela Culley, Nora's Ark

Glenna, Jamey, Vivian, & Lois, Homespun Sarah

Helen Harmon, Mamma, Will You?

Doug Johnson, Home & Garden Television's Complete Fix-It

Linda Jones, Linda's Kitchen

Chris Kemon, Disney The First 100 Years

Pat  Krasowski, You Are My Miracle

Marc Lehmann, Houdini, World's Greatest Mystery Man and Escape King

Huck Lewis, Time-Life Book of Home Design Techniques

Linda Perrine, A Parable About The King

Ben  Rohlfing, Lawns & Lawn Care

Jeremy Sheets, Old Turtle And The Broken Truth

David Truitt, Mudball


The staff of the Lebanon Public Library donated a book in honor of the board for their help with the move.

The Library Board, A Grand Old Tree


The staff and the board of the Lebanon Public Library also donated books to thank the following members of the National Honor Society for their help in the move:

Jennifer Behrens, Rise The Moon

Caryl King, My Pony

Matthew Nance, Uncle Andy’s

Kyle Richards, A Poem Of Her Own

Wade Thatcher, Dog Food