April, 2006



Doris Batten, Basic Knitting, Lana, Randy, Rilyn, Sonja, & Jim Summers

I'll Be Home For Christmas, Mike Vickrey


Dora M. Davidson, The Christmas Train, Mary Kelley


Richard Grau, Wild And Scenic Indiana, John and Martha Rockey

The Englisher, Ruth Pickering


Paul Green, World War II: Partisans and Guerrillas, Ann & Jim Manak and Hortense Richman

The Journey: How To Live By Faith In An Uncertain World, The Allen Woods Family


Tom Griffith, My Angels Wear Fur, Dan Dippold

            Second Chance, Dan Dippold


Anna Hiland, Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats, The Allen Woods Family


Ray Kesner, Hero Of The Heartland, The Allen Woods Family


Maye Lee, Swell: A Girl's Guide To The Good Life, Ann & Jim Manak

Room For A Little One, Ann & Jim Manak


Thelma Livingston, Kiowa Trail, Her Family


Anna E. Poynter, Women's Letters, Omega Chapter Psi Iota Xi




Mrs. Joe (Clairbelle) Robinson, Aunt Claire's Yellow Beehive Hair, Boone County Extension Homemakers

The Gift Basket Design Book, Boone County Extension Homemakers


Eli Michael Taylor, There's Always Pooh and Me, Aunt Mackie Johnson


Julianne Van Kley, The Staircase, The Lebanon Public Library - Young Adult Department



Other Donations and Gifts include:

Eat Up Slim Down Annual Recipes 2006, Sally Bochsler