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August 2008 Memorials & Gifts

In Memory Of:

Bernie BurnsThe Republican PartyMike Burns on Election Day, November 4, 2008
Eugene BurnsThe Strong ManMike Burns on Election Day, November 4, 2008
Dick CaldwellNASCARBetty Linn & Family
Paul H. GreenIt's a Mighty Thin PancakeMike Burns on Election Day, November 4, 2008
Betty B. GreenThe Ultimate Guide to Grandmas & Grandpas!Christy Miller, Michelle Myers, and Sig M. Myers; Play Piano Today! [DVD] — Sigmon & Jane Myers
Ruth IsenhourPrice Guide to M.I. Hummel Figurines, Plates, and MoreJohn D. Isenhour and Family; Big Book of CraftsJohn D. Isenhour
James G. IsenhowerJohn Steinbeck: Novels, 1942-1952The Class of 1961
Sherman E. JohnsenSpinning Through Clouds: Tales from an Early Hoosier AviatorJill, Richard and Caroline Laviviere

In Honor Of:

Ron LindThe Basketball BookSigmon & Jane Myers