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Boone County Community Network Acceptable Use Policy

Boone County Community Network (BCCN) is non-profit corporation dedicated to creating an electronic community for improving educational, governmental, business, and individual opportunities in Boone County, Indiana. This will be achieved by establishing a local data network which will then allow access to other communities in Indiana and the world via the Internet.

Users of BCCN will:

  1. Remember that they are interacting on a Global network and act appropriately;
  2. Avoid interfering with the work of other users;
  3. Avoid disrupting the network host systems; and
  4. Avoid disrupting network services.

Users of BCCN will use the system in an acceptable manner. If any user, at the discretion of BCCN, is found to be using the system in an unacceptable manner, the account may be canceled without notice. Behavior which is unacceptable and may result in cancellation includes, but is not limited to:

  1. attempted or successful security breaches or disruption of net communication;
  2. damage or impairment of the BCCN equipment, hardware, software, data, or operations;
  3. use of the system for illegal or criminal purposes;
  4. deceptive on-line marketing practices;
  5. use of obscene, offensive, abusive or otherwise objectionable language or material;
  6. violating the privacy of individual users on the Internet by reading their E-mail or private communications to other users;
  7. harassment of other users;
  8. using e-mail, anonymous or otherwise, to send threatening messages;
  9. violation of any copyrights, trademarks, or software license agreements;
  10. introducing viruses and other types of malicious programs into BCCN; or
  11. use of the system as a means to improperly gain access to other computer systems, networks, or programs.

BCCN is not responsible for, and makes no claim to, any material placed on its system by any user. BCCN does not claim any copyright, trademark, or other interest in information accessed through its system.

The intent of this Acceptable Use Policy is to ensure that all users of BCCN have the fullest protection from less than scrupulous individuals. By conforming to this policy, all users create an environment where communication can flow freely and with a minimum of policing.

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