Minutes of the Eagle Township Board & Trustee

20 January 2003

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Present: Judith Essex, Trustee; Board members Linda Kenny, Ralph Stacy and Tom Yeo

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Place: Eagle Township Assessor & Trustee Office, Zionsville Community Schools Administration Building, 900 Mulberry Street, Zionsville, Indiana

The January 7, 2003 minutes were approved with two changes.

Agenda Items:

  • 2002 Annual Report. Ralph reported that the State Board of Accounts audit for 1998-2001 has been completed. There were some posting and reconciliation errors. Also, Township Form 17 for designating officers was not used. Ralph then reviewed in detail the 2002 annual report with the Board. Ralph will file this with the auditor at the courthouse and get it published in the Lebanon and Zionsville newspapers, along with filing with the State Board of Accounts. Upon motion duly made by Tom Yeo and seconded by Linda Kenny, the 2002 annual report was approved and accepted.
  • Ladder Truck. Judith reported that the truck is now scheduled for delivery on March 19th. Judith also circulated the fire department’s new organizational chart.
  • Miscellaneous. Judith reported that Richard Essex will be handling the clerk position. Ralph recommended that the Trustee may want to consider hiring an accountant to review the books. It would probably would $60-70 a month, and would be well worth it.

The next meeting will be on February 10th. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

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