Minutes of the Eagle Township Board & Trustee

20 May 2004

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Present: Judith Essex, Trustee; Advisory Board members  Ralph Stacy and Tom Yeo.

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Place: Zionsville Town Hall in the Community Room

Agenda Items:

  • Call to Order and reading of February minutes. Since the Secretary was not able to attend, and because of needed changes, approval of the April minutes was postponed until the June meeting.
  • April Expenditures. The Trustee provided the Board copies of the Eagle Township's Report on Income and Expenditures for the month of April. A "transient" man passed away at Hoosier Village and the township was responsible for burial expenses. Ralph suggested that we might be reimbursed for the funeral expenses from the man's county of residence in Kentucky, or from funds available to military service veterans if he was a veteran.
  • ZFD.
    1. Tom Longest was introduced as Fire Chief VanGorder's recommendation as the Township's representative to the Zionsville Fire Department Board. Ralph moved that Tom be elected as our representative and the motion was unanimously approved.
    2. New signal pre-emption has been purchased and is in place.
    3. The May 19th Interlocal Meeting was reviewed. Project Safe-T, a new municipal communication system was the focus of the discussion.
    4. Monthly Activity Report. The Trustee provided the Board with a monthly activity report for March 2004 with respect to ZFD
  • Parks & Recreation. Ralph reviewed Ray Pratt's survey results. The Parks Board had a meeting on May 16. Everyone who had responded to the survey and expressed interest in volunteering was sent a letter inviting them to the meeting. A total of 75 letters were sent and about 15 people attended the meeting. The next step will be to organize the group into areas of their interest. Jeff Papa assumed this responsibility.
  • Other Business.
    • An Additional Appropriation for the entire 2004 budget will have to be done. Due to an incorrect date in the public notice The Department of Local Government Finance denied the Township Budget. The budget was approved on the correct date, but the date in the newspaper was incorrect.
    • Ralph suggested that we ask Boone County to participate in the funding for the initial study necessary to establish impact fees. Tom has communicated with Ed Mitro and has offered Township funds to help move the initial study forward.
    • The Airport re-zoning request has been sent back to the Area Plan Commission for addition review. Ralph reiterated that we need to be concerned about a change and how it would impact our tax base, our fire protection, and, our "home rule" ability. If the zoning is changed the new owners, Hamilton County, will not have to get approval to build additional hangars or lengthen the runway.
  • Next Meeting. The next monthly Board meeting is scheduled for June 17, 2004 at 6:30 p.m. at the Zionsville Town Hall in the Community Room.

The May 20, 2004 meeting adjourned at approximately 7:40 p.m.

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