Minutes of the Eagle Township Board & Trustee

22 April 2004

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Present: Judith Essex, Trustee; Advisory Board members Robert Schein, Ralph Stacy and Tom Yeo.

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Place: Zionsville Town Hall in the Community Room

Agenda Items:

  • Call to Order and reading of February minutes. The February 19, 2004 Minutes were approved as corrected. There was no meeting held in March 2004.
  • Expenditures February 15, 2004 through March 31, 2004. The Trustee provided the Board copies of the Eagle Township's Report on Income and Expenditures for the period of February through March 2004. The Trustee advised that she had more requests for Township Assistance this past month.

    The total expenditures from February 15 through February 29 totaled $42,868.35, of which the Zionsville Fire Contract accounted for $37,150.00. The total expenditures from March 2004 totaled $4,703.54. The Trustee reported that the Township received $16,692.83 County Option Income Tax for each month in February and March.
  • Zionsville Fire Department
    1. Board replacement for ZFD. The Trustee advised that the Board needs to find a replacement board member for the Zionsville Fire Department as a result of Bill Lapworth's resignation. The Trustee indicated that Jan VanGorder's name has been discussed to fill that position. After some discussion, the Board decided that might represent a conflict of interest since his son is the ZFD Chief. The Trustee indicated that she would follow up with Chief VanGorder and discuss other possible candidates. The Board indicated that they would table this for another month and consider it at the next meeting.
    2. Four Party Agreement. The Trustee reported that she had signed the Agreement between the Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., the Town of Zionsville, Eagle Township and Union Township for Fire Emergency Service ("Four Party Agreement"). The Trustee advised that the Four Party Agreement was basically the same as the Four Party Agreement executed in 2003.
    3. Grants. The Trustee provided the Board an e-mail from Chief VanGorder which addressed Board member Ralph Stacy's question of whether ZFD received any grant money. In the e-mail, Chief VanGorder advised that ZFD had been successful in 2002 in receiving approximately $20,000 for a training grant and a $5,000 grant from IDNR. Chief VanGorder further reported that in 2001 IDNR provided $3,000 grant money for firefighter hand tools.

      Chief VanGorder further advised that in 2003, ZFD applied for, but was unsuccessful in two grants totaling near $350,000. Chief VanGorder stated that he still has one grant pending for fire prevention and that it is in excess of $75,000. Lastly, Chief VanGorder indicated that the grant period for 2004 is getting ready to open and that the ZFD will be submitting an application. Chief VanGorder further added that the ZFD aggressively pursues all grant opportunities. One other major grant that Chief VanGorder indicated he is preparing for is the safe staffing grant that allows communities to hire full-time firefighters.
    4. Monthly Activity Report. The Trustee provided the Board with a monthly activity report for March 2004 with respect to ZFD. The report indicated that the March 2004 number of incidents was less than the March 2003 number of incidents; however, the total incidents to date in 2004 were greater than the 2003 incidents. Rescue and emergency medical service incidents continue to be the majority of the incidents, equaling 44.44% for the month of March 2004. Eagle Township continues to have the majority of percentages of incidents totaling 51.85%; followed by the Town of Zionsville with 37.03%; Union Township with 7.4%; and Perry Township with 3.7%.
  • National City Bank - Interest. The Trustee reported that in 2003 Eagle Township received total interest in the amount of $5,237.01. Now that the money is in a Business Sweep Account, the account for first quarter of 2004 has received $4,443.51. Annualizing the first quarter 2004, Eagle Township should receive approximately $17,000 in interest for the calendar year 2004 as compared with $5,237.00 in 2003.
  • Park Resolution. The Trustee provided the Board members' Resolution No. 2004-1 which is the resolution for establishment of a Township Department of Parks and Recreation. The Trustee further provided an analysis from Attorney Trisha Leminger with Kroger Gardis & Regis, LLP which explains the rationale behind Resolution No. 2004-1. After some limited discussion with respect to the same, the Board unanimously approved Resolution No. 2004-1.
  • Eagle Township Parks and Recreation Board Update. The Trustee provided the Board members with a Master Planning Public Input Report prepared by Ray Pratt dated April 20, 2004. The report contained four separate sections which included meetings, survey, press contact and letter writing. The Trustee and Board member Ralph Stacy reported that 451 surveys were returned and that they are in the process of being recorded in a database for analysis. Board member Ralph Stacy reported that Eagle Township Parks and Recreation Board plans to meeting with the Hunt Club residents in the next few weeks.

    Additionally, Rachel Uthe, a Senior student at Ball State did her Senior thesis on developing a master walkway and trails plan for the west portion of Eagle Township.

    Ralph further suggested that we need to get Boone County officials involved, as well as officials from Duke Realty with respect to the major development being planned by Duke on the I-65 and S.R. 334 corridor. There was further discussion of wondering how many Indiana Townships has Park Departments and how they might be funded.
  • Other Business. The Trustee provided a handout for March 5, 2004 which was an article in the Lebanon Reporter entitled "County Trustees Found on Consolidation Idea".

    Board member Tom Yeo indicated that he is going to meet with Ed Mitro to discuss impact fees in greater length in the next few weeks and will report at the next meeting with respect to their discussions.
  • Next Meeting. The next monthly Board meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2004 at 6:30 p.m. at the Zionsville Town Hall in the Community Room.

The April 22, 2004 meeting adjourned at approximately 8:00 p.m.

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