Minutes of the Eagle Township Board & Trustee

7 January 2003

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Present: Judith Essex, Trustee; Board members Linda Kenny, Ralph Stacy and Tom Yeo; and Laura Hawkins from the Zionsville Times-Sentinel

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Place: Eagle Township Assessor & Trustee Office, Zionsville Community Schools Administration Building, 900 Mulberry Street, Zionsville, Indiana

The December 4, 2002 minutes were approved with one change.

Agenda Items:

  • Annual Election. Upon motion duly made by Tom Yeo and seconded by Linda Kenny, Ralph Stacy was unanimously elected as Chairman of the Eagle Township Board. Upon motion duly made by Tom Yeo and seconded by Ralph Stacy, Linda Kenny was unanimously elected as Secretary of the Eagle Township Board.
  • Joint Fire Protection Rescue Service Representative. Ralph Stacy explained that a representative needs to be appointed to this Committee. Ralph was the previous Eagle Township representative. Meetings are once a month for about one hour. Upon motion duly made by Ralph Stacy and seconded by Tom Yeo, Judith Essex was unanimously appointed as Eagle Township’s representative to the Joint Fire Protection Rescue Service.
  • Eagle Township Park Board. Ralph reported that the state has not formally approved the budget for the Park Board ($4,000). An amended Form 4 had to be filed, and Ralph applied the $4,000 to “Other services and charges” in the 300 series. Ralph requested input as to interested community members to serve on the Park Board. Tom Koppelman has accepted. Ralph volunteered to serve on the Park Board. Judith Essex, as Township Trustee, would be the executive of the Park Board.

Non-Agenda Items:

  • Firefighting Update. Ralph reported that the 2003 Fire Service Agreement and the Interlocal Agreement have been signed by Ralph and both are now circulating for review and signature. Bill Lapworth sent notification of his re-appointment as Eagle Township representative to the Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors. Finally, the delivery of the ladder truck is now scheduled for late March to mid-April.
  • Cemetery Restoration Workshop. Ralph reported that he has not heard anything back regarding sponsorship of this event.
  • Baseline Agreement. This has now been submitted to Rob Lukemeyer for his review.
  • Finances. Ralph stated that he is making up a summary of the Township’s investments and rates of returns. The goal in 2003 is to get a better return on the Township’s funds. The Finance Board will be set up at the January 20th meeting.
  • Alternate Trustee. Judith reported that within 30 days of her appointment, an individual needs to be named as alternate trustee who is a resident of the township, who is not a Board member, and who is not holding “another lucrative office.” Judith suggested contacting Don Spees to see if he would be interested in the designation of alternate trustee.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

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