9 July 1998 Meeting Minutes

Boone County REMC Meeting Room
6:05 P.M.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order. The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via E-Mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Tom Garoffolo, and Dave Truitt. Carl Corson, Derk Gates, and Tim Maines BCCN Members were also present. No quorum of the Board was present thus affirmative votes could not be taken.

ITEM I: Treasurer's Report - No report as Monte was unable to attend.

ITEM II - The Content Report - (Per John as relayed by Terry in her absence) The Thorntown Library is now up and running. A really great site. We are now just one library short of having all of the libraries in the County represented on the page. (Tri-County in Jamestown being the exception)

No new problems have been reported by Terry after the incident with the hard drive. We are still in hope that the drive will be covered in the process of maintenance.

ITEM III: New Business - Terry has filled John's seat on the ICNA Board. She is looking forward to this challenge. John was present at the last meeting and there were also about 15 representatives from other community nets present for the same meeting. Tom G. queried about the manner in which Terry was able to fill this seat. Terry had apparently agreed to fill the vacancy as John's term expired. Those present and entitled to vote for the ICNA seats voted her in by acclamation.

Terry had also suggested through John that a special board meeting might be necessary, or at least considered, to help foster the idea of establishing a capital reserve account to allow replacement of hardware. This was discussed briefly at the last regular monthly meeting and the problems experienced with the hard drive were still fresh on everybody's minds.

Terry also wanted to suggest expanding the number of board members. Carl Corson cautioned to be sure and invite or solicit people that truly have an interest in serving the board.

Another item thrown out for consideration is the possible change of the meeting date. It appears to be a difficult time for our system administrator and the new representative from the Library. Of those present, the consensus seemed to be to leave the meeting date as is, pending further discussion.

ITEM IV: Other Business / Good News: - Tom Garoffolo brought up the new presence of the community access channel on TCI Cable TV service in Lebanon. Tom and Dave had both seen it and Tom suggested that some information should be provided and possibly some pictures on this new Not-For-Profit Community Service Channel to promote BCCN. Tom suggested something to the effect of "making connections for Boone County". There is now sound associated with the channel as of today per Tim Maines.

There was general discussion on the departure of Tri-Net from Boone County. Some of the board members had received calls about other ISP's from those losing Tri-Net as a provider and information of other available ISP's was passed on concerning local providers that serve the area. John mentioned that Web TV is now in town as well, at least local access to the service.

The meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

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