09 May 2000 Meeting Minutes


Lebanon Public Library Meeting Room Tuesday, May 9, 2000 12:05 P.M.
Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order. The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via E-Mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Dave Truitt, Kelly Murphy, Cheryl Walden, Terry McCain, Jane Brandenburg, and Carl Corson.

ITEM I:System Administratorís Report: - Terry reported that the site had 3622 hits for the month of March. Next month we should be able to see how well the election reporting results were for this past month. John indicted we should be accurate in the future on this reporting. 3190 visits in April were reported for the site. The high schools have been very busy in the county through our site, both use and providing material. We have new banners from Reaganís Auto and Edward D. Jones. Also Finch Vandiver, who is running a resume service, has expressed an interest in a banner as well.

ITEM II Content Report: The Western Boone classes are still very involved in assisting us. The school has designated a student for the exclusive use of our group for two hours a day this fall. He will likely work out of the classroom @ Western Boone since we donít have an office per se. The hours will be very flexible to be arranged however we want to work them in to the community network. Kathy Foxís service learning program is ballooning out at the school. She has gone from 1 class to 3 and there is further anticipated growth. Kelly indicated that the server room at the high school is due for some remodeling to turn it into an actual ìserverî type room. It will have appropriate access and seating provided. (Terry wonít have to sit on the floor Indian style anymore). A newsletter was generated and sent out. This always seems to generate some interest. Some have responded from as far away as Florida.

ITEM III: Treasurer's Report: - Carl reported on the status of the bank funds. At the end of last reporting period we were at $ 44,374.50. Additions to the account have been $ 100 from individual memberships, $ 350 from corporate, $ 384 in ads, $ 240 from non-profit pages, a $ 30 refund and $ 75.32 for voice mail leaves us a $ 45,478.50 balance. The Community Foundation is due a refund of $ 120.00 yet to be made.

ITEM IV: Home Show Report/Promotional Items: John reported that all went well at the show. We shared a booth with the Chamber of Commerce this year. Next year we should get a booth of our own. A lot of pens and pencils were handed out with the logo. Jayne indicated that there were many Seniors who stopped by and expressed their presence on the net. Magnets were also ordered for use but did not arrive in time. These were not paid for on the ensuing invoice. Next year we will start a little earlier. The Western Boone students that helped out all received a mug and were ecstatic. Terry asked for the actual numbers of the pens and pencils that were distributed so that this information can be given to Lilly for our required annual report.

ITEM V: Community Foundation Boone County / Lilly Grant: BCSSI, Historical Society, and others have applied and we need to get these grants going. The grant group has been meeting and discussing the requirements. The discussion then went to further explanation of the purpose of the initial grants ñ sort of a ìtry it ñ youíll like itî and then the applicant decides if they want to continue the commitment after one year of service. The applicant chooses the ISP and then BCCN makes payment to the ISP.

OTHER STUFF: An application for web site has been received from the Humane Society. Terry is still waiting on the application from the Lebanon Little League. The Red Cross is also still in the working stages. Terry did two more classes for the Library @ Zionsville. There are lots of retirees that are enrolling for the 9 computers that they have available. These have been quite popular so there will be some adjustments made to accommodate future classes. John brought up advertising in the local newspapers, possibly the Indpls. Metro edition. He has discussed this with the two local papers, the Times or the Reporter, also. John says big ads draw attention. Terry is not sure about that. The discussion turned to working off of a sample ad John had prepared to pare down a group of a ìtop ten reasons to visit the BCCN siteì. Terry asked for the file to be sent to her and she can fashion something for further discussion and pdf files. The next meeting will be after the 4th of July and Cheryl suggested something could be done for promotion at the parade or events before the parade. John thanked Dave for the annual preparation of tax returns for the organization. John would like to pursue another domain name to add on. They are cheap—about $ 35.00 per year for however long you want. Kelly suggested that nothing with a hyphen be pursued.

The meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.

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