10 July 1997 Meeting Minutes

Stokes Elementary School
6:10 P.M.

Pursuant to notice given all members of the Board of Directors via electronic mail, the monthly meeting then convened pursuant to the agenda previously sent via e-mail.

Meeting was called to order by President Hughes. Those attending were President Hughes, Terry McCain, Tom Garoffolo, John Wallace, Carl Corson, and Dave Truitt.

ITEM I: IRS Paperwork. Jack let Dave start his information as he had to leave for another meeting in Zionsville this evening. Dave gave a brief outline of the recent letter Jack received as President from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS has requested that the corporate by-laws be amended to contain only those activities specifically allowed by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In addition the agent working with Dave requested a letter from Jack requesting an advance ruling on status of our organization as a foundation as classified under & #167; 509 (a) (1) of the Code. The reason stated for this is that our Form 1023 Application for Tax Exempt Status lists our primary source of funds as grants. This falls more under this particular Code Section per the interpretation of the IRS. Dave also indicated a need to sign the transmitted Forms 872 which extend the period of time the IRS has to evaluate our organization and determine taxability of applications. A motion was made by Tom Garoffolo to authorize Jack to affix the signatures in the correct places as directed by Dave. Terry McCain seconded. The vote was unanimous. Dave indicated he would advance the costs for the amendment and the certification of the copies. The extension granted by the service to comply with their request will allow the transmittal of the amendments to the Indiana Secretary of State for processing. As soon as the amendment is returned it will be sent to Cincinnati.

ITEM II: ICNA Report. John Wallace reported that an amount of approximately $1,000,000.00 may be available to assist the community nets with operating costs. He was genuinely excited about the possibilities for additional assistance since all are concerned about the very tight budgets for community nets. Perhaps as much as $ 10,000.00 per year could be available for various types of assistance. Jack indicated that there is a possible reduced rate available to schools for T-1 lines. This would really help our budget since that is the biggest expense item. Jack further commented that BCCN and our community are quite fortunate that John has been serving on the ICNA Board. His presence has involved a lot of extra time that has really paid off to BCCN. John's participation has helped keep BCCN in the limelight at the state level with Access Indiana and our site is now being looked to as an example for others to follow.

ITEM III: System Administrator's Report. Terry reported there are several new businesses now listed on the BCCN site. We all know that she has been working very hard keeping the community calendar up to date and the daily maintenance needed on the system. Jack wants to put together another presentation for the Lions Club using the Lions material as an example. We need a good laptop for the work and presentation if such a unit is available. Terry has a unit that can provide 256 colors - John has an IBM Thinkpad with questionable reliability. Terry also mentioned that a company has approached her via e-mail with an idea about providing a no-cost or low cost refurbished computer to "working" families and the company asked for BCCN's ideas regarding identifying families. Lots of hardware items of this sort are increasingly available which already include software as people and organizations purchase newer equipment. The board discussed several ideas that Terry will send to the company.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m. upon motion being duly made and seconded.

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