10 November 1998 Meeting Minutes

Lebanon Public Library Meeting Room
12:00 noon.

Pursuant to Notice given all members of the Board of Directors via Electronic Mail, the Monthly Meeting convened upon the President calling the same to order.

The meeting was called to Order by President Wallace and the agenda was pursued as previously distributed via E-Mail. Board Members present were John Wallace, Tom Garoffolo, Dave Truitt, Kelly Murphy, and Terry McCain. Jane Brandenburg and Jerry Selby, BCCN Members were also present.

Treasurer's Report:

Monte was unable to attend but John was aware of the financial news. There is an approximate $ 10,000.00 in the bank - that is as sophisticated as John wanted to get.

The annual income stream is approximately $ 1000 now which is close to covering the monthly costs. The maintenance contract for the server and equipment takes the biggest bite. John once again brought up the idea that he would like to see the organization be independent of the schools (as fiduciary agent) and in some way be able to receive the interest on the account which keeps the corporate funds. (This may not be possible with a corporate account in some banks

The Content Report:

Terry indicated there have been many hits on the community site page since the last meeting.

Kelly commented about the high school guidance department (Ms. Magee) wanting to create a virtual tour of LHS. Ms. Magee had been interested in the idea of using CD Roms to show the inside layouts and environment of the Lebanon High School grounds. Kelly had suggested to her that this procedure could be done on the Web as opposed to CD Rom.

John reported that the page for the Boone County Solid Waste District site is almost a reality. He had attended the most recent Waste Board Meeting at the Lebanon City Council Chambers last week and made a presentation to the Board Members. The Waste Board had authorized Dave Lamm, the Executive Director, to proceed with the establishment and posting of information to the Terry reported that the recent election results were posted on our page. Several people have e-mailed to Terry to comment about the results and check the vote. Terry also mentioned a site where we were linked on election night.

There is a new Executive Director of The Boone County Community Foundation - Lisa John. Terry has spoken with Lisa and the Foundation has indicated that they will probably renew their presence on our Web page.

Terry commented that the Boone County Area Plan Commission page is up and running with forms and regulations from the Commission, subject to the Boone County Commissioners final approval.

It was also suggested that the Boone County Emergency Management page should be considered for establishment again. The new director was approached some time ago when he first took office. Terry also suggested that maybe some new information from the Clerk-Elect would be nice.

Witham Memorial Hospital is developing a site but they wish to have their own domain. They certainly could have used ours since they are a tax-free organization. They may purchase a corporate membership from our organization despite setting up their own domain.

Old Business:

The meeting then considered a proposal from John on the future scheduling of meetings. Today's scheduled meeting was altered as a result of developing commitments from several members of the Board over the past several months. After some discussion, John asked for a motion to allow the meeting schedule to be altered to allow for meetings on an every other month basis. Terry suggested an e-mail business session be conducted in the odd months. It was noted that e-mail votes have previously been authorized for voting purposes. Kelly moved to allow meeting at the Lebanon Public Library in the meeting room on a basis of every other month. Terry provided the second to the motion. The motion passed on a voice vote.

New Business:

Cheryl Walden is willing to take the position formerly occupied by Kay Martin on the BCCN Board. Kay's continuing education requirements have precluded her from regular attendance. John introduced Cheryl who was present during the business meeting and asked for a motion to have Cheryl join the Board. Terry made the motion and Dave seconded. Cheryl accepted the nomination and agreed to serve on the board.

John then again brought up the topic of The Boone County Community Foundation. All agreed that this organization is a critical element to our group. John suggests that BCCN purchase a membership in the Foundation. The suggested level is that of a patron level contribution. Those present suggest it is a good idea and concur. Tom moved for approval and Terry seconded. Motion approved.

The annual billing for the organization's membership and advertising fees was the next topic of discussion. A list of the existing members will be run and sent to them for annual billing purposes. Last year we had a good return rate of about 9 out of 10. The rates for BCCN are very competitive, if not a real bargain. Early January is the target for completion of this task. Cheryl asked for the number of memberships. John and Terry gave approximate figures for personal and corporate members.

Other Stuff:

ICNA is working on a secure server to allow collection of funds via the net. The problem is that the server sits behind a firewall. This may allow dues to be collected electronically using this improvement. Collectively, all of the community nets could afford to do this but not on a one on one basis.

Training sessions have been conducted for the Lebanon Community School's teachers. Boone County Senior Services, Inc. would like to do something again as well - January, 1999 is the target date. BCSSI usually has a waiting list for class attendees. Margo Corson and her staff usually fill the list for classes then there is usually a waiting list of other interested individuals. The Lebanon Public Library has new wiring that would allow classes to be conducted in their facility and to make all of this possible. Powerpoint software could be used to assist this process in the meeting room.

Dave updated the group on the copy study committee that was appointed by the Indiana State Legislature which had met this past Summer in several different sessions. These meetings had showcased Access Indiana and took credit for the Community net works posting of information throughout the State of Indiana, in addition to the posting of State Agency information. Dave also update the board on the possibility of tax imposition on the world wide web.

The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

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